Renters Beware

All Landlords are not the same. There are plenty stories of wanna be landlords trying to scam people who don't know what to look out for..  Use our guide and get a safe home without the worries.  Learn what questions to ask and rent a home with confidence.  You don't need to worry you just need a plan I'll give you one for free.

Is Housing Back?

More positive news has been announced recently in housing sales.  I am seeing a trend however cautious and pessimistic I may be I have to admit there seems to be something changing in the market.  At the end of May 2012 there are more SOLD signs near houses than last year.  There is  still a ton of properties on the market but it looks like we may be slowly moving in the right direction.

How to Invest?

Many times it's not what to invest in its how.  Real Estate is notorious for this.  Stay away from debt and increase your odds dramatically.  Learn from my mistakes there are big check waiting for you in real estate investing.  You simply need to know how and where to find them without finding the poor house first.