Follow Your Heart!

So, last night we had a get together at a friends house and as most of us weren’t exactly what you would call “sober”, we had a couple conversations proving, indeed, that “drunken words are sober thoughts.” One of the conversations we had began with one of my peers commenting “Bruh, what the hell do it even mean to follow your heart? Niggas throw that shit around like they actually know what it mean! Like, bitch! STFU!” Lol. Although this convo was full of vulgarity, I feel like they had a good point. “following your heart had never been a concept I fully understood until my senior year of high school. It was only after so many heartaches, bad experiences, and dramatic incidents that I learned what this expression really meant to me….

For me it simply means that my heart represents my intuition and the part of me buried deep down somewhere, which dares to express itself against all odds. It means that everything I do and say comes from a place deep within me that’s full of the best intentions. Intentions of love, hope, and charity. Intentions of exploring the inner beauty which I know I possess even though the world sets out to make me feel ugly. Intentions of realizing my potential of being who I want to be, not who I think I should be. Intentions of finding peace and strength in the midst of my life’s tragedies and never forgetting that I am here to be the light in finding my own path….

But for those of us under the influence, this explanation is a bit “extra.” I told them it means knowing when to say yes and when to say no. Intuition should guide you into what you should do, but sometimes it can guide you into a place that may hurt you or the people around you because intuition can be capricious at times. So I don’t think “follow your heart” means that you just do whatever you want in life; it just means that you listen to your intuition, but you, also, have to listen to logic.

You value all of your experiences, learn to deal with the world you live in and the people who have to live in it. Then you make responsible decisions and that’s when you follow your heart. The way I see it, if you get it wrong, it’s cool because you learn a lesson and you can just try again.

In My Ears: Roads by Portishead…

– Always, Samiah. ♣


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