Gratitude Sunday #1


Today I am GRATEFUL for all of my life’s mistakes – I’ve made many in my short time here. Some smaller than others, but mistakes nonetheless. I’ve learned to be grateful for my bad choices because if it weren’t for those mistakes, I wouldn’t possess the little wisdom that I have today. I’ve learned to be grateful for each bad situation i’m in, and i’ve learned to accept them gracefully. I’ve learned to be grateful for me, for never putting pressure on myself to be more than I am because growth, like success, takes time. I’me here, I’me breathing, I’m alive and I thank God for that.


  1. I have reminders set on goolge calendar that are emailed to me as needed. helps me a ton! A few years ago, with a new babe, cleaning reminders helped me maintain the level of clean we wanted. I still like the cleaning reminders as it keeps me focused on a quick touch up thus avoiding major grime. Yet, the system is flexible and I merge chores or skip as needed, knowing a reminder will come again soon. That, and I’m not known for my fastidious housecleaning skills.

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