left feeling that her life is a mess

thinking, “There’s not a person in the world that can deal with this stress!”

the burden upon her back makes life a little harder than the rest


this stress she detests

constantly causes a pain in her chest

a pain that worsens with every breath

she takes.

as she fakes

that smile


that this facade will get her through the last leg of this mile

what pitiful hopes and prayers,

nothing but false hopes and false dreams.

nightmares seem to be the only thing to which she can relate

And now

she’s wide awake

up at 3 o’clock in the morning writing a poem

of which,

the only title that seems to fit is “Hate.”

– ÒyéA


  1. A lot of spiritual wertirs say that God is writing through them, that they are putting on paper (or the computer) what God wants to be said. I’m not sure if this is similar to what you mean. My writing comes from all directions in my head, heart and soul, which are full of overwhelming stimuli. When I write creatively, I put things together, make connections, use artistic devices if possible, read it all back, edit and find meaning. Each step of the writing process tells me something new, makes me think in different ways and allows me to learn. So in this way, yes, I become my own audience. I can’t account for how it all happens, but I do believe writing is a spiritual process, among other things. God teaches me things about myself and the world through my writing, and I share what I can. But I don’t think I’m transcribing God’s word or anything like that.I had an amazing creative writing instructor when I attended community college Linda Portnay. She met the class at a poetry reading by a big-name poet who was appearing in Boston. After the reading, she asked us what we thought. In my unsophisticated way, I said, I thought he was arrogant. She said she understood and believed poets should be humble. To me, she was affirming that ego didn’t have a place in writing, and that we all struggle with communication and words.That took place about 23 years ago. I remember my teacher’s name. I have no idea who the poet was.

  2. Well. I have to say that if you are not writing for yoeslurf each and every time you write then you will fail. You can have an editor, or people who’s opinion you value to be a second pair of eyes for your work, but you can’t write to them. There are times when they will be wrong in their opinions and sensibilities about yor work. I’m the only person I write for. I know if something is good or bad, pleasing or not worth the time eading that it took to write it. I have pieces that I have lobored over but only because I wanted them to work for me. In the end I’ve walked away from pieces but they always bekon to be finished because I want to own them for myself. When something comes out and it sings as either I intended or in some surprising way I take the pleasure in it. If some other reader finds something in it that is even better but it is not a necessary function of the writing itself.

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