Life’s Hardest Lesson

     Arm balances are symbolic of life’s hardest lesson: trust! They’re showing me that if I begin to trust that I will achieve the impossible, then I will find it in me to be patient enough to work through so much failure until what was once “impossible” becomes more than possible……What should YOU trust in??

     Trust that whatever is confusing you right now will eventually become clearer. Trust that one day you’ll be at peace with whatever is currently pissing you off. Trust that even the worst people have innocence buried somewhere deep inside them. Trust that you are capable of forgiving even your worst enemy. Trust that sometimes life deals you shitty cards, but it never gives you more than you can handle. Trust in your ability to take on a huge load and carry it until it gets lighter. Trust in your commitment, dedication, and willingness to take huge leaps of FAITH . Trust that everytime you feel lost, you have it in you to light your own torch and find your way out. Trust You. Be You. Be Amazing. Be Different!

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