Stay Committed.

Recently, I’ve made the decision to begin to live a healthier lifestyle. That means eating healthier and working out on a regular basis. Now because I am a college basketball player I usually get in more workouts than the average person, but I’m still not seeing the results I want. I am making it a point to do extra cardio in order to achieve my goals. In the few days that I have decided to change my eating habits, I have found myself being tempted to cheat more than I ever have in my whole life! It’s crazy that once I decided to make a change for the betterment of myself and my life, I was hit with so much temptation in order to deter me from achieving my goals. In my devotion today, the challenge was to “notice some of the ways you have been conditioned to react to life.” I found that my whole life, the people in my life have always reacted negatively to the obstacles and trials that are placed in the way of their goals; consequently, I’ve been conditioned to react negatively to the trials in my own life that deter me from accomplishment. Today I found myself about to give up on living a healthier life because it was “too hard”. After only 3 days of healthy eating and workouts, and I was ready to quit!

As a student-athlete, I realize how hard it is to push yourself the “extra mile”. I understand how easy  it is to put things off until tomorrow, and because of that I know that many of those things will NEVER get done. Angela Simmons is my inspiration behind living a healthier lifestyle and today, something that i once read in her blog helped me to soldier through the pain. She said, “the enemy of results is inconsistency.” Don’t let something that’s “too hard” get in the way of your accomplishments. Soldier through! Remember:

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!


It’s not supposed to be easy! It’s supposed to hurt, it’s supposed to be hard!

“If it doesn’t challange you, it wont change you!” -Fred DeVito

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