Ten Facts about Me


#1 – I enjoy life.  

I think everyday is another chance to accomplish something truly great, here’s my manifesto:



#2 – I’m an Alumni of THE BEST college in the world, Florida A & M University.  

I graduated in 2000 with a bachelors of science degree in Computer Information Systems.



#3 – I learned from the best of the best.

My Corporate America experience was spent with the #1 industry leader at every stop in my professional career.

Beverages(beer), Technology consulting, Banking/Finance, Manufacturing, and Insurance.  I learned the most important concepts from the best of the best like Anheuser-Busch, Satyam, CITI, Allstate, and 3M.




#4 - I have started three successful businesses.    

So, I understand the point of view of start-ups, small businesses, and independent entrepreneurs.  Since 2003 I have started a real estate investment company that was very successful before the 2008 market crash, an independent transportation company, and a freelance online business.






#5 - I love to work with my hands.  


I enjoy painting acrylic abstract art.  I have renovated a class A commercial truck also called a ‘big rig‘ or a ‘semi”, dozens of houses, and who knows how many websites.  I have built high performance servers, secure networks, databases, and desktop workstations.  I’ve designed and built brand new patio decks, tables, and book cases.  I have also grown some very healthy 100% organic lemon trees, broccoli, and tomatoes from seeds .  Also, I produced and created all the music and graphics for all of my websites.


#6 - I enjoy generating traffic online.  

Here’s a screenshot of the results of a campaign I ran in 2012 were I generated well over 150,000 unique visitors each month.


Here are the results of another campaign in the summer of 2013 were I generated over 1,000 new visitors per day:



#7 - I enjoy CONVERTING traffic even more than GENERATING traffic.

It’s one thing to generate internet traffic it’s another thing to get your visitors to do something important when they visit your site like opt in to your email list.   Here’s a screen shot of two forms that I created that convert at over 12% and 20% respectively:



#8 - My content is highly ranked by Google.


I rank highly in Google search for posts about internet marketing:

  • My blog YourOnline.biz ranks #1 on GOOGLE for competitive search terms such as  “your online biz”
  • My blog also outranks the mega sites moz.com and quicksprout.com for the highly competitive search term, guest post wanted
  • My product review article ranks on page one of GOOGLE search for the highly competitive search term “seopressor vs yoast seo”
  • I KNOW HASH TAGS.  If you search Google for the hashtag #IBCT you’ll notice what I call TOTAL PAGE ONE DOMINATION, the page one results are dominated by content related to the International Blogger Championship Tournament which I created in 2012.

I rank highly for posts about technology, life, culture, and politics:

  • I wrote a featured how to article for worldstart and it ranks on page one of Google for the competitive search term “how to compute in privacy” 
  • I wrote a featured column for conservativeiscool and it ranks on page one of Google for the competitive and niche search term “keynesian conundrum
  • I also wrote a featured column for iqunlimited and it ranks on page one of Google for the competitive search term “nafta disaster”

I rank highly for specific niche content too.

  • My specific genre or “niche” websites rank on page one for their primary keywords which is also their domain names:
    Example “Freedom Art Work“,  “Truck License“, “Leverage Stock“, etal.  Also called exact-match domains or EMDs by Google.


#9 - I have grown a blog consecutively for 11 weeks straight.

My current record for back to back growth of new visitors is 11 weeks straight, this was established in the first half of 2013.

This is every single week having more visitors than the previous week for nearly 3 months straight.

As you can see from the analytics report below the increase in visitors and pageviews increased dramatically:



#10 – I love to write. 

Life has been really good to me so I have a tremendous wealth of experiences to draw from.

I also have very diverse interests and i’m proficient writing about a wide variety of topics from online marketing to computer tips to law and politics and everything else in between.

Here’s some feedback that I received from writing a comprehensive training manual for legal professionals:

Training Books by Darnell Jackson


Here is another high rating I received for writing a 12,000 word training manual on legal contract law:

Training Books by Darnell Jackson2





I know it was supposed to be only ten facts about me but I tend to under commit and over deliver so when you work with me get used to having your expectations exceeded.

In 2013 I was interviewed by a student at The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Netherlands) about my social media strategy.

At the time I was asked what I was doing and how I obtained so many followers on Google+, at the time I had about 1000 followers.

Since then my Google+ followers have grown exponentially to over 10,000 followers and I’m still using the same strategy.


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