Banksters Think Sandy will get them off the hook for Crimes and Debt

The international bankster cartel really needs to be stopped.

Who will step up and do something about this pack of insane wolves roaming free consuming everything in sight?

Now that New York City has been flooded out by Hurricane Sandy what do you think the bankers want?

Who is surprised?


Banksters are about as predictable as any low level thief.  They simply want more of everything for themselves and they don’t want to be caught even when they are red handed with proof.   They like to simply pay off the prosecutors. Straight up Pablo Escobar style.

The problem regular everyday thieves and banksters share is their addition to greed.  It is their obsession with MORE that is the real issue. They are like a tribe of pirate who meditate with the word “more” instead of how Asian monks meditate by humming “ommm”.

It is this greed affliction that lures dishonest people into the life of crime aka banking and its this same greed disease that ends up getting them caught.

Now it seems clear.  These banking executives are only capable of either committing crimes or negotiating settlements of delayed prosecution for crimes they have already committed.

One can only expect that during the times these bankers are not in court over yet another claim of brazen lawbreaking that they are just busy doing something illegal that they’ll just settle for latter.

Why won’t anyone arrest these clowns?

I have to say these are my two favorite rants about this topic which one is your favorite?  Even though his guy is in the UK his points are 100% valid for the US division of the bankster cartel:

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The video below is about as simple as you can put it but they say we are the ones that are dumb. How much better would your business be doing if you could keep spending even after you ran out of money?

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Now since there is a hurricane in New York there are articles out pushing the idea that New Yorkers should just “forget about it” and put bankster crimes to bed and just move forward.  People keep getting fooled because of writers like CNBC’s Jeff Cox.  I guess Jeff is like hey they pay me money to write I’ll say what ever the hell they want me to. I’m like come on man your life is worth more than that dude.  Life for something that reflects your real nature stand up for whats right.

Then another CNBC writer John Carney posted an article promoting another BAILOUT for the banksters because of the storm.  Now QE3 infinity isn’t enough because NYC had a storm Banksters need even MORE money.  Now no matter what happens good bad or indifferent the banksters get paid at taxpayer expense.  Seems like a fun racket, for now at least.

The moral to the story is if there is no law for those at the top there simply is no law for anybody.  The good news is time will pass and this normalized-robbery-from-the-top policy will be exposed and eventually exploited by everyday people too.  When that happens the whole thing comes crashing down.

What do you think will happen if these bankster crimes just continue with no prosecution?

What does history say happens when people live without justice?

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