I don’t know a better way to put it.

The talking heads are poo-poo ing precious metals right now so you know what that means.

Gold’s down time to buy.


The talking heads on television are promoting the “housing recovery” hard while ignoring unemployment, high taxes, and the recent meetings in D.C. where committee members said if FHA was a company it would be bankrupt.

Watch the video:


Now watch the clowns on CNBC talk down gold and tell you to buy paper stocks instead.

Yeah like FACEBOOK. 

Listen to me very carefully.

By the time BARACK OBAMA leaves office GOLD will come out of its shell as the FED’s shell game will soon come to an inevitable bailout end.

The mega trillions that will be needed this time to bail out the insiders will inflate the price of GOLD and SILVER dramatically as people run like their hair is on fire out of stocks.



As soon as the FED stops buying the $85 Billion in mortgage backed securities and treasury notes the real estate “rebound” will immediately STOP.

This will cause EVERYTHING else to crash.

Credit will “tighten” even further.  As if banks were actually making loans anyway.
One question is…


Who will be the next Bear Stearns?

Morgan Stanley?



Who will be the next AIG?



One thing for sure is someone will get caught holding the bag.

The game of hot potato that they play on Wall Street with these “toxic assets” also know as THE FRAUD FUND will always costs someone in the end.

Ultimately it leaves the individual account holders screwed.

But the politicians who benefit from this complex ponzi scheme will do nothing to prosecute anyone.

*They’ll find a way to benefit from defrauding Americans AGAIN, just like the last time.


Watch, they’ll call a few meetings and hire some more of their old buddies to “review” what happened and blah blah blah and then it’s  look IRAN has a NUKE.

Then the next thing you know it’ll be another bailout for many of the same individuals who were behind the first great bailout of 2009.




Because countries like GERMANY want their gold back out of the vaults in New York and you should too.

In my opinion this is the biggest driver for the dip in gold prices.

The banksters in charge of the NY gold stash don’t want to give Germany back value they want to give them back GOLD at the cheapest price possible.

They want GERMANY to feel stupid for even wanting their own gold back.  They want YOU to feel the same way as an investor.

That’s why you will notice more and more NEGATIVE coverage of precious metals on the news.

This is the narrative:  Gold bad, Stocks good.

Don’t be fooled.




Because the silver to gold ratio is off and this means SILVER is actually cheaper than GOLD right now.

For generations one ounce of gold would equal 27  ounces of silver on average.

Today you can only get 50 onces of silver for one ounce of gold.

This is the BIG opportunity for SILVER. It’s MORE under priced than GOLD.

Both will increase in value dramatically but if this ratio ever returns to its historic norms then the Silversmiths could be rich.

If the ratio’s returned to historic averages silver would be worth $61/ounce.

Today it’s less than $30/ounce.



The same reason why everyone was buying houses in the original real estate bubble of 2005.

The prices are going up.

Here’s a report on the 65 million GUNS that have been purchased since Obama took office

Why wouldn’t you own a firearm when:

#1 – Shit hits the fan you will need a way to defend you and your property including your HOME, GOLD and SILVER.

#2 – The value of a firearm is increasing like crazy because of gun grabbers like Obama who want to disarm the American population.


Its crazy how the #1 fear that everyone had about OBAMA is coming true.

The first thing he said that rubbed people wrong was his comment about clinging to bibles and guns.

Now look where we are?



What do you think?



Don’t miss this post by the suits over at the economist.  They are debating why the U.S. Mint will discontinue the penny and this and that but no one is talking about what this means for the currency.  Discontinuing the penny is PROOF that the MONEY has FAILED.

When you can’t afford to make your smallest unit of currency then you are toast.

Think about it.  If the United States OWN mint won’t buy pennies then why should anyone buy DOLLARS?




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