DEBT WARS: Return of the Jedi

Who will stop the banksters and their Galactic Empire?

What can be done to stop this dark force teeming with desire for even more Power?

Who will defend people from being eaten alive like a shrimp by greedy jabber the hut banksters?


It may seem that way but it is not Hopeless.  Extremely large shout-out to REBECCA BURNS who brought attention to what has been done to finally counter the banksters with her article titled “You Are Not A Loan”.

In it she talks about the group who says “Debt keeps us isolated, ashamed, and afraid. We are a building a movement to challenge this system.”


My reaction to this is BRAVO! ! !!! !

This is exactly what it will take to defeat the dark side. is fighting the banksters by beating them at OUR game.

They buy the debt that these banks claim they own for pennies on the dollar and then they cancel the borrowers debt burden, saving their home and ending their foreclosure.

What an awesome thing to do to help other people.

More evidence that selflessness is what makes the world go around.  NOT money.  Banksters make that bullcrap as they need it to BUY stuff that actually has value, like your HOUSE.



  1. Make them play OUR game.  Buying debt for pennies on the dollar exposes “THEIR” game as a scam and gives you a chance to win your house for what it’s actually worth.  Before you can win you need to increase your awareness and understanding about contracts, financial terminology, and document recording.
  2. Banksters balance sheets aren’t worth a sheet.  JPMorgan Chase’s recent losses due to buying Bear Sterns is proof that the crime banks are actually ZOMBIE institutions worth a negative amount of money.  In fact they are no different than the real estate market that they screwed up worldwide.  Their liabilities which they admit to owing are real and far exceed their “make believe” assets by many multiples.  They claim their assets are worth trillions but how can that possible with the piss poor rate of return they gain for holding them and the fact that they sell these same assets for pennies on the dollar?



  • Get your Jedi on.  Learn everything you can about researching and determining who the real owner of your mortgage really is.  This book is expensive at $50 but it is worth it.  In order to fight back against the dark side you need to first know HOW and WHO to fight.
  • Support  If you have means to do so send them a contribution and donate fuel to the bankster paper fire.  Pennies on the dollar is over priced but it is a start and the more help they get the more people they can help.


Don’t forget the dark sides best weapon is the lie the Jedi’s is the truth.  Get prepared get inspired and get in the way of these Darth Vader wanna be’s from taking your home.  Get on the offensive today and learn what you need to do in order to stay in YOUR home.

Good luck good fight, peace.



  1. To remind you it is a war.  They are trying to steal your house and claim it as the spoils of war.
  2. To commemorate the selling of Star Wars and LucusFilms to Disney by George Lucas for only $4 Billion dollars.  DISNEY (DIS) has only made $6 Billion dollars as a company in the last 4 quarters after taxes.  So they had to BORROW the money from BANKSTERS to make this $4 Billion dollar purchase.
  3. To remind people if you ever create something so valuable NEVER give it away.  Now they’ll have star wars featuring Mickey Mouse or some other stupidity, you’ll see.  Plus if George Lucas was going to give away the proceeds from selling the business why not just keep it and donate the ongoing royalties?  Instead of selling his company to Disney he could have licensed them Star Wars for a record amount of money and still owned the iconic legendary brand 50 years from now.  Notice, I haven’t even mentioned Indiana Jones.  Now the banksters have it ALL, I guess this is how the Empire strikes back.

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