How LARRY SUMMERS created A Vicious Crime Cycle that has the World Economy Stuck

People like Larry Summers will continue to destroy everything they touch until they are caught and physically prevented from doing so.  I am always curious about what makes someone like Larry Summers think  people really believes what he says.

Does he think everyone is taking some type of amnesia medication or something?

The Larry Summers mentality seems to be highly concentrated in today’s authorized economic circles.  These guys really think they have fooled everyone simultaneously which is impossible if you don’t know.

Now they want to be applauded for what they did, confirming they think we are a pack of idiots or their captured prisoners?

The one trait about these banksters is they never know when they have gone too far.  Even with the tons of great blogs watching every single move they make these insane clowns still make the exact same moves and expect a different response.

They want something for nothing.

The public knows this is not possible but they use their fancy Harvard degrees and long complicated titles as a shield from common sense.  They come up with hard to pronounce terms and start throwing around acronyms and people just glaze over.  However, there are plenty of people who are paying attention like Zerohedge writer RcWhalen.

He asked the one question that you won’t see any of the talking heads asking Larry when he shows up on CNBC or FOX Business:

Is Larry Summers an Economic War Criminal?

This question was asked this time last year, October 2011. The answer has been known for some time.  Larry Summers is a criminal the only question is what type and how large a criminal is he?  John Cassidy compared Summers to convicted war criminal and Obama administration cabinet member Henry Kissinger.

Is that a stretch?

Back in 2009 Susie Madrak brought attention to the fact that Larry Summers was receiving kickbacks from the same banks that he helped get bailout money.

The Quid Pro Quo insider is relentless in his chase for another dollar.  Even though he is caught somehow he still wants credit for not committing these crimes.  Well I guess its hard to call them crimes if no one will prosecute you and the worst punishment you could possibly face is deferred prosecution thanks to Eric “hold the charges against bankers” Holder.


Thanks to Cathy O’Neil’s article for mathbabe we know what really happened.  More insider base ball, corruption, and fraud.  This guy is consistent through and through a full fledged nearly three hundred pound criminal terd.  When will we learn from Iceland?



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