Is it better to spend a dollar on advertising or upload a video of a dollar burning?

Seriously.  What would give you the most return for the investment?

(1) Recording a video of a dollar burning and uploading it.


(2) Spending a dollar on advertising.

Think about that for a minute and consider where we are in terms of OUR financial situation in 2012.  The fact that a question like this is even valid should in and of itself be evidence there is a serious issue.

If you believe that spending a dollar on advertising would be more valuable, my only reply is to dare you to conduct your own experiment, this one is ours.  Reply to this post with your results.

The interesting thing about this comparison is the fact that the one dollar bill federal reserve note has been on a decades long loosing streak in value and purchasing power.  People know as time passes you can buy less food and fuel with a dollar than you could before.

The only thing that gets cheaper is television screens for some reason.  I guess entertainment is like the old Gillette company slogan, “give them the razor, sell them the blades?”  Give away the tv’s sell them the shows?

The video of the dollar burning on the other hand can live on the internet for infinity.  If the video of the dollar burning earns one dollar in 2012 it may earn another dollar in 2013 or more in 2014.  Who knows we’ll see how this test performs I’ll upload the results later.

How much more would you be able to buy with that same dollar? Think about  the last few years or decades?

  • Forbes is predicting $8 dollar a gallon gasoline.  It was under $2 dollars a gallon in 2008 before it peaked over $4 a gallon.
  • A ticket to cruise on the largest cruise liner in the world the TITANIC in 1912 was $10.
  • I couldn’t find Tickets for Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas the largest cruise boat in the world for less than $700 a person.

$1 dollar could pay for a few clicks of advertising  with Google Adwords.  This is where you create an advertisement for your website and you pay Google for every person that actually clicks your ad.  If your campaign’s budget was $.10 cents a click that would get you 10 clicks back to your site for $1.    How many clicks back to this page do you think the video of a dollar burning will result in?

The ball is in your court.  What do you think?  Would a video of a dollar burning earn more than spending a dollar on advertising?


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