NY AG sues JPMorgan exposes Quid Pro Quo

We told you that Preet wouldn’t do sheet.  How is it that he missed what ever it is that the NY AG found on JpMorgan this month?  These bankers and their inside “guys” are absolutely relentless they are convinced that either no one is paying attention to their crimes or the people who are watching can’t do anything to stop them.

What kind of  justice is being served if everyone has been co-opted by banksters and their infinite bailout money?  Remember Jamie Dimon was just testifying to Congress over their last scandal called the “London Whale”.   These guys are creative and comedic and criminal at the same time.

The new system for bankers seems to be one were the government and its regulators are more than willing to make a headline for a few days, get a big check in a settlement and go away.   Is this how they fund their departments in this NEW normal environment ie open corruption incorporated?

This is not only my prediction of what will happen in this new case brought forward by New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman but also is a disturbing trend that has been going on for years.  2012 has been a year absolutely drenched by banking scandal after the next.  What ends up happening to the individual who commits the crime?  They pay a fine out of the money they liberated and go home.

Watch the news and see what happens   No one will go to jail and no Jamie Dimon won’t be arrested and perp walked down Wall Street like he should be.  Instead he or one of his JPM servants will write out a big check and deliver it to the NY AG like an early Christmas present.  Then they’ll go off for a nice vacation in some exotic location.  Who knows the AG might even join him!?

Does this mean that the rules of crime and justice have been permanently changed in this country?  Will others follow the lead of JpMorgan?  How long before everyone gets updated with the NEW RULES?  What if people are finally persuaded by JPMorgan’s thug-life example that they decide to follow their lead in their own way?   Imagine if someone liberates money from Chase banks and then pays off the attorney general and police to avoid prosecution.  Isn’t that how JPMorgan operates?


Extremely large shout out to Ann Barnhardt who literally called out this bankster/pirate/raider behavior like a boss before it happened. Thanks Ann for your courage what seems obvious to people now wasn’t in 2011.


Here’s the top 10 Bankster Heists of 2012:

  1. Jamie Dimon gambles with London Whale loses billions and gets complimented by brown nosing Republicans and Democrats while he is actually committing other crimes like silver price manipulation and whatever the NY AG is charging him with.  Notice how they all act like they didn’t know about this at that time.
  2. facebook is launched then immediately loses 50% of value due to insiders like Morgan Stanley doing their thing.  We tried to warn you ahead of time.
  3. Barclays CEO admits they lie for money months before he is ousted for his role in the LIBOR interest rate scandal.  The crime involves the who’s who in the world of international banking and finance.  No one goes to jail and shameless BOB even tried to keep his bonus money, lol.  Then, the media speculates that their crime helped people somehow?
  4. More American cities find themselves on the losing end of trades with Wall Street and are forced to file bankruptcy.  
  5. Banks credit rating is cut so is the countries.  They both still borrow more money.
  6. Commodity broker PFGbest pulls a MFGlobal and steals client funds.  This guy didn’t get off like John Corzine liberated customers money in 2011 and walked scott free.
  7. HSBC got caught laundering drug money, again.
  8. The Vatican is caught up so deep in a religious corruption ring so dirty that even JPMorgan closed their accounts.  Apparently they were too dirty for the dirtiest bank on Wall Street and that says a lot.
  9. It is reported that hundreds of banks still haven’t paid back their TARP bailout money.  The media says nothing but applauds new bailout money.
  10. Goldman Sachs liberates money and gets out of jail for free, again.



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