We know who stole the new brand new $100 dollar bills from the Federal Reserve?

We can all act like we don’t know and it won’t do us any good.

The financial news is now a buzz debating what happened and who did what regarding the missing c-notes reported by the Federal Reserve on October 12.

I think it’s time that we let the cat out of the bag.  We know who stole the money.


I’ll never forget the one time I left my bike out in the front yard and I went inside to watch tv planning to go back out and ride my bike later.  When I went back outside after an hour or so my bike was gone.

It was a brand new bike I had just got for my birthday and I was all sad about it.  I remembered how eerily calm my mom seemed about it.  Knowing that she bought the bike for me I would have expected her to be very upset about it being stolen.  Instead, she seemed all too happy to hit me with the, “Well, now you should know better don’t leave your bike out in the yard.”  I’m like yeah but shouldn’t you be mad too, I mean you bought it for me?

She let me suffer for a few hours while I agonized about my missing transportation until she revealed that she hid it and set me up to teach me a lesson.

When I grew older I shared my story with friends who many had the same thing done to them by parents trying to make a point.


If so it would be the easiest explanation.  Think about it for one second:

  • Who created the money that is missing?
  • Who knew about the money that is missing?
  • Who reported the money is missing?

All of these questions seem to conveniently have the same answer and point in the same direction, THE FED.  However, no one is suspecting the Federal Reserve as the perpetrator of it’s own crime.

Why would the FED steal U.S. currency when it’s licensed to print it?

Well, the more money that it can print without having to purchase lame US treasury notes the better.  Each note created is backed by the United States Tax payers so if they can get their hands on “free” money then why wouldn’t they want it?  The FED has bills to pay too ya know.  As Max Keiser put it they have went from being the lender of last resort to the buyer of first and ONLY resort.

They can’t use the stolen bills until next year?

Well that’s the same status as the $40 billion in Treasury Notes that the Federal Reserve is buying each month.  Those T-Bills don’t mature and earn the FED a return until the U.S. has to buy them back in a few months.  By then it will be, you got it 2013.  Watch out for the timing of when the new bills are introduced into circulation.  Compare that date with the maturity date of the T-Bills purchased as apart of QE3.  I bet you’ll find they are very close to the same if not exactly the same date.

Here’s a question I have, how can you determine which T-Notes the Fed is buying anyway.  If you know this info please share.


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