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Would you give your life to Apple? So far 23 people have.


The news of Steve Jobs recent passing sent shock waves throughout our society and international culture. Steve Jobs a legendary icon in the world of technology, business, and marketing had lost his life. Many people knew of the ongoing medical

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What kind of person is a corporation?


People are regularly incarcerated for acts described in courts as crimes.  Usually there is no person who also appears in court claiming to be victimized but millions are locked up anyway. Those who are not incarcerated for these no-victim-crimes are then taxed to pay

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Is it time to change times back?


I know its time to change the clocks back due to the daylight savings policy but doesn’t it “feel” like its time to turn times back? This story recently caught my eye about a women who learned her son was dead

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Is this a story of the snake and the frog?


Ok, if you never heard the story of the snake and the frog here it goes. One day a frog was walking down the river bank and wanted to get to the other side to visit his girlfriend frog.  He

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Should boys get vaginal cancer vaccines?


Boys to get cervical cancer vaccines?  Here is another situation where we have lost our minds.  People are getting exposed to chemicals that no one else in the history of mankind needed.  Now all of a sudden in the year

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Size matters. Who’s ponzi is bigger?


I really find it interesting when the talking heads credit Bernie Madoff as the criminal who pulled off the biggest ponzi scheme in US history.  I am taken back for a minute because I guess I don’t know how they

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WAR VET nearly killed for peaceful protest


Let this be a warning to all you high school kids out there wondering what you are going to do when you grow up.  If you decide to go to fight in a war that you don’t understand to kill

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