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What defines America more than this word? What it stands for. Where it got popular. What it means.   Today nicksupasaur pulled off a legendary FAIL and embarrassed himself at the same time proving my point better than I ever

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3 reasons why legendary super trendy Bob Costus wants Americans Unarmed.


I know you may be thinking why would Bob Costus want Americans unarmed? I was thinking the same thing. What’s the deal with the trendies in the 21st century?   Have you ever been around someone who quit smoking and now

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Is Wal-Mart Monetizing Mayhem?


What’s the deal with Wal-Mart? Why is it every time you hear their name in the news it’s always negative with some criminal element attached? Is crime the new normal in American business? How does one fit morals into a

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3 ways to make HIS story OURs this Thanksgiving


It’s that time of year again. Time to gather around someone’s house and head up the road to visit the in-laws that you really don’t want to see, hang-out with or listen to all day. Why are we doing this?

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David the Betrayer strikes AGAIN!


What’s the deal with David Petraeus? Is there a reason why something doesn’t seem quite right with him? What does all of this have to do with what happened in Benghazi and what does that have to do with Muammar Gaddafi?  

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America goes Black, stays. Here’s what to expect by 2016.


They say once you go black you don’t go back. Why do you think they say that? Is that what happened to America in 2012?  Is America Addicted to a black leader now? If so what does that mean is

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Guy Fawkes Day: When there’s no rules, Know rules.


Are you trying to figure out what to get your loved one for Guy Fawkes Day? How do you plan on celebrating this very old and historic holiday? Have you ever even heard of it before today? Wouldn’t figuring out who Guy

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