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Congress: The U.S. Attorney General is a Criminal and there’s nothing we can do about it.


Eric Holder is a crook.  So says the United States Congress but the same group is admitting that there is nothing they can do about it.  They have requested documents from The U.S. Attorney General Holder he has turned over some

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Genetically Modified Children born with three parents. God save us.


One of the things I noticed when I was studying history/humanities was that each millennium was defined by a complete change in reality for all people living on earth.  The first millennium was the life of Jesus Christ.  The second Millennium was

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Fear Obamney Care? Will the IRS and Big Pharma come after you?


What does freedom mean?  If this is the land of the free it sure is hard to tell these days.  Today the Supreme court announced that the so called “obama care” health care law is constitutional.  The ruling basically stated

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Is Resistance futile? #io12


Rest in peace Johnny Cochran.  He died due to brain cancer in 2005.  The tumor was formed on the same side of his head that he talked on his cell phone for who knows how many thousand hours. Enter Google

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Apple helps Samsung by suing them. Idiots.


People want most what they cannot have.  Apple is confirming they have lost their way with the passing of Steve Jobs.  I predicted a continual decline for Apple and this type of stuff is what I’m talking about. What do

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Bill Gates. A criminal or an educator?


The old 20th Century barons and tycoons that we learned about in elementary school were always portrayed as monstrous, greedy, unscrupulous, shrewd businessmen who would do anything to make another dollar.  Even if it involved lies, or death, or bribes, or corruption, or extortion, or

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Will Jerry Sandusky bring down the Pedophile State University?


The majority of people would agree that Jerry Sandusky should already be dead from what he did “To Kill a Mockingbird ” Style.  The grace of the creator though provides everyone a chance for redemption.  God loves Jerry too. Jerry can

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