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3 Reasons #NBCFail hurts Comcast more than GE


Who has booted the pooch as they say more in London recently?  Is it NBC with their epic fail coverage of the Olympics or is it Mitt Romney with his gaffe-a-holic public appearances? There is no doubt the trending topic #NBCFail

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Want a Bill Clinton Economy? Give the people the FREEDOM they had in 1996.

It's Bubba Time

JEFF ZELENY’s article is bringing more attention to what many pundits have been saying all along.  Obama needs to get Bill Clinton more involved with the campaign if he wants to be re-elected. Why? Well, it’s obvious.  Most adults still remember

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Obama on AK-47s: Americans No Foreign rebels YES


It may seem that Romney is having the worst week in terms of Gaffes but here is one BIG’EN by Obama that the press may have missed.  This week at the urban league Barack Obama said , “…gun owners would

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Boston Mayor to Chick Fil A: Get trendy or get out of town.


LYNN SWEET’s is right this Chick Fil A issue is not going away without a fight.  I believe people are drawing a line over something near and dear to their hearts, CHICKEN. The unsaid issue on this debate is the

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#London2012 – Are You Ready? Mitt Romney sure wasn’t


Romney recently put his foot in his mouth, AGAIN on his big fancy European tour in which he gaffed, on the preparedness of the Olympics by the host city London.  He basically said the shortage of security available and the

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New York City Police Department: We’re bad as we wanna be


Maybe mayor Bloomberg is KINDA right.  Maybe the New York Police Department needs some time off.  Recently Mayor Bloomberg said police should go on strike until Americans hand over their guns. Now to be clear I don’t think the NYPD

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FARRAKAHN: If the government won’t protect you, I’ll try.


Kanye West and Jay-Z’s song from the Watch The Throne Album titled Murder to Excellence is a tribute to Danroy ‘D.J.’ Henry.  A college student who was killed by a crazed NY police officer who jumped in front of Henry’s car shot

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