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#TGIF – Thank God I’m Free?


America is the only land in the world that is free.  Everyone else on the entire planet is stuck in constant oppressive bondage and slavery, right?   I mean isn’t America the only country in the world where…   1.

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3 ways to stop Hitler, again.


Yes, we need to stop Hitler again. You may have noticed Penny MacRae’s article in Yahoo News recently about Rajesh Shah and his new store front business with the controversial name in India. Yeah in case you haven’t heard he named his

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Mitt Romney a Poser, a Bush, or a Reagan?


The majority of this campaign season has been focused on WHAT Mitt Romney is about.  Is he about jobs is he about War? WHAT will he do about this issue or that issue?  WHAT about the debt crisis? WHAT about

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What can Mitt Romney learn from Bill Cosby?


Welcome to the 2012 political circus…Scene 1 act 1:  The Republican National Convention. It’s really embarrassing watching adults behave this way.  If you have seen any of the coverage from the big networks it’s the same scene over and over.  Grown men

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Bill Nye ‘the science guy’: Don’t believe in GOD believe in me.


The trendies are really out in full force these days.  To watch them fully come out in the open is really surprising and actually amusing. Bill Nye “the science guy” is trending in the news today because of his recent

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Empire Shootout in the Gun Control Capital of America


Another week another violent murder in the news.  This time in New York City the home of the most strict and ridged GUN LAWS in the country.  The home of the illegal 32 ounce Slupie-Man NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. There

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Progression of a Sellout – Closed Source Morals


    1.  Meet Farnell the newest employee of BigA Global Company inc.  Farnell’s a recent college graduate from Yalevert A & M and extremely qualified and such and such and so on and so forth.   2.  Since his hire

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