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Can the National Hurricane Center shoot down storms?


Robert Johnson’s Business Insider article shed light on an extremely large purchase of ammo by the National Weather service. Have you heard about this? Gun rights and gun control have been all over the news this year, I wonder how

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3 signs Prince Harry and his family have recolonized America.


Vindictive Britain.  That is the Answer if you are wondering what happened to this wonderful country.  If you spend any time looking at it you will quickly realize in the short amount of time that The United States has been

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3 reasons people Promote Abortions.


Freedom is such a wonderful thing it even has its own built in limitations.  You are free to speak but that doesn’t mean jumping in someone’s face and cursing them out.  You are free to swim but I wouldn’t recommend

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3 reasons Obama won’t show a brother love.


Barack Obama called a press conference today for the first time since March 6th and discussed his re-election campaign ie Mitt Romney’s Tax returns. No one asked him about this story that Dinesh D’Souza wrote about how his brother called him NOT Obama

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How much MORE MONEY would you have with Romney’s Tax rate?


What do you call a system that forces those who do the most work to pay the highest tax rates?  What happened to reality and common sense in our world? Did the NASA scientists take it to MARS or something?

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MARS, Common Sense, and Scientists.


People are still rejoicing over the news that NASA landed on MARS two weeks ago.  Some people still don’t care. Where does Common Sense fit into the picture when you talk about science? Is it true? Can you really be

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3 Reasons you should never commit suicide – RIP Tony Scott


Every individual has a unique point of view in this world we live.  This is one thing I’m absolutely sure of. Tony Scott took his own life yesterday changing the world forever, again. The first time the world was changed

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