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You can’t breathe and not SMELL you can’t live and not TELL


SOMETHING FOUL IS GOING ON. Something is not right and you know it.  Even if you are a beneficiary and are getting paid from what is happening in our world today you know in your gut something absolutely awful is going on. It’s like

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Why Samuel L. Jackson needs to Wake the F up or STFU.


A vote-for-Obama political commercial was just released starring Samuel L. Jackson.  In this “role” Sam plays a concerned citizen version of himself who interrupts a young white girls dream about America.  He starts off calm and collect as he narrates

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How Occupy Monetized Dissent and exposed Schmucks


WE’RE GOING TO MAKE THEM PAY FOR THIS!  Has to be one of the things that pops in the head of anyone who protests.  Eventually even the most passive and easy going people get tired of the systematic fu*ckery and

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Lady Gaga’s Secret Exposed


I never really understood the Santa Claus thing because my mother never taught us that bull crap.  Thanks mom for that.  I did however get the chance to see my peers and classmates growing up talking about this mythical creature

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The case against Voting Why you shouldn’t vote in November.


Today is National Voter Registration Day as twitter has just reminded me by pointing it out as a trending topic. (follow me @FreedomMMC) I wonder if people have put any real thought into what voting is and why you should or shouldn’t

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Why the NFL replacement refs should be kept on board


Ok so everyone is all up at arms against the NFL replacement refs as they blew yet another call last night on Monday Night Football.  Everyone is all pissed off and ganging up on the guys with the white and

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How Apple monetized evil.


These freaking companies man they are relentless aren’t they?  How do you justify what Apple is doing right now?  What should civilized people do about what is happening right in front of our eyes? Is SIRI and the apps store

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