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Non Hurricane Sandy Scares New Yorkers STRAIGHT and sets the stage for FEAR politics


S U R P R I S E ! ! !  It’s an October Hurricane in New York City. Who could have predicted that? Now that the storm has passed isn’t it time for the clowns to come out of

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Is the US Military Killing itself to Live?


Have you seen the recent news reports about increased casualties in the US Military? Who is killing more American troops than terrorists in the middle east? The US Military is already fighting a war against terrorists, insurgents, and ism/its to-be-named,

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Tired of the raw deal in America? There’s only one way to fix it.


Why are so many people still so upset with their situation in America? Why are ordinary Americans slipping steadily into a lower standard of living and poverty? What can Americans do about it?   STOP BEFORE YOU START, I don’t

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Why Godzilla is needed to defeat Terrorism


What can be done to stop the global war on terror? After over a decade of fighting if America hasn’t defeated terrorism by now isn’t it time to ask if terrorism can be defeated by America? Is it time to

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When is it time to cut back on the Pink?


How are we supposed to know if it has gone too far? Where is the line and who gets to draw it? Are some topics too controversial to discuss in America?   It’s like when two brothers get into an

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Obama or Romney a how-to pick guide for Independent voters


Have you noticed that SOME people get annoyed by the idea that someone is an Independent and hasn’t made up their mind yet? Are partisans just partitions dividing Americans? Is it possible for a candidate to satisfy the People, the

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5 More Ways to prevent the American Race War Riot


This is the second part of a series titled:  How To Prevent the American Race War Riot Click Here for Part one. The American Race War Riot is not inevitable and the people shouldn’t accept it is going to happen like

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