3 reasons why legendary super trendy Bob Costus wants Americans Unarmed.

I know you may be thinking why would Bob Costus want Americans unarmed?

I was thinking the same thing.

What’s the deal with the trendies in the 21st century?


Have you ever been around someone who quit smoking and now they hate smokers?

Have you ever been around someone who was fat as a baby rhino now they’re in shape so they laugh at obese people?


There is a pattern with this behavior.

Trendies have this one thing in common:

They whine about what they want and they expect to get it.

The only catch is someone else ALWAYS has to give it to them.


Its like since their parents aren’t giving them everything they want they expect us to do it.  

It’s comedy, except it’s sad, it’s a  tragic drama. #BoysInTheHood

Have you ever heard someone sing a song when they really didn’t want to sing?  It doesn’t sound too good does it?

This is how trendies want to make everyone give them what they want.   They enjoy domination of other people.  It’s like they feed off negative energy like little trendy vampires, #TrendPires


On MSNBC Bob Costus embarrassed himself again this week by basically saying NFL players can’t have guns without something “bad” happening.  This is after NFL linebacker Jovan Belcher went evil and killed his daughter’s mother and then committed suicide.

My reaction to hearing him say this is to think who is paying Bob to say this crap.  There are obviously big interests with big money involved who want Americans unarmed.  People like Bob will tell you they are just “Doing their job.”  He just reads a teleprompter for a living.  What, now he cares what words appear on the screen? No.

It’s just tragic when his job is selling you up the river.  It’s a shame what people choose to do for money.

The prime thug got caught red handed in that Fast and Furious cocaine machine gun smuggling operation that for all we know is still in progress.

Now the so called #1 rated sportscaster is inside my television telling me that I don’t need a gun because something bad could happen.

Something bad?  You mean Like:

  • What happened on the US/MEXICO border with all those fast and furious machine guns?  The evidence is over whelming and astonishingly horrific.
  • What happened with those rebels that The Obama sent to invade Libya and Syria.  WARNING:  What ever you do, do not look at the photos of what those maniacs have been doing to people.

So, if golfers own a gun then something good would happen?   Is that the reasoning in use here Bob?

What about NASCAR drivers or Hockey players.  Would something happen bad if they have guns?

What about people in the military.  There have been several incidents reported of soldiers using firearms on their spouses in domestic incidents.

So they shouldn’t have guns either?  Who should have guns Bob?  Just who, you or your bodyguard?   Bob, you know everyone doesn’t have a bodyguard right?

Bob, Its sad that you chose to forever tarnish your shaky reputation in one week.  Let this be a lesson to young people watching.  Don’t be a sell out.  You’re going to die either way, the point is to be remembered for the right reason.  You can build houses your entire life but if you eat one terd they’ll call you a terd eater not a house builder.  #DoTheRightThing

Here’s the three reasons why legendary super trendy Bob Costus wants Americans Unarmed:

  1. He’s with the Brits.  Bob just got paid big time from the 2012 summer Olympics and his imperialist bosses, the European status quo pros want something more for their money.  This is the evidence of my theory that America is back under the rule of Britain.  America is behaving more and more like a British colony than an independent constitutional republic.  The nation’s military seems to be contracted to invade foreign lands not defend our borders.
  2. His big brother Keith Olbermann made him do it.  Super trendies are all about taking guns from Americans and the truth is they don’t even know why.  They are just going along with what they have been told to do.  The same reason why republicans vote against their interests.  #Idiocracy
  3. He’s a big city racist.  I have to call it like it is on LlenRad.  Passive aggression is still aggression. Everyone knows racism up north is more sophisticatedly disguised and hidden, where down south it’s just out in the open.  The truth is Bob doesn’t have the courage to say it out loud but he doesn’t like the idea of BLACK MEN with guns.  It’s as simple as that.  He’s using code words when he says “aggressive young men from the inner city”. Say what you mean BOB you mean BLACK you bite sized propaganda smut peddler.


Here’s a question to consider:

Would you turn in your gun(s) for the NFL?


Bob says that his comments were in response to professional trendy Jason Whitlock’s article who equated the NRA with the KKK.  (A notoriously racist organization who actually started the gun control movement.)  Obviously Jason’s article was intended to demonize the NRA which at first sounds stupid.  Most gun rights advocates exploded with criticism over what he wrote.  Here’s the point people are missing:

  • Has the NRA really been effective at protecting the 2nd amendment for ALL Americans or just Republicans or its members?  ie White guys?
  • Will the NRA roll over when it comes to protecting gun rights for black people?  Collateral damage?
The NRA takes in all this money and does what with it?  Sure you have open carry in a few small towns outside of nowhere Alabama but big cities where people actually live especially BLACK PEOPLE are moving slowly toward a strict no gun policy.  This is the model in Chicago and New York and it’s spreading.  What has the NRA done to stop it?  What will they do?   Also if the NRA is sensitive to gun rights of all people name one BLACK person the NRA has ever defended publicly.  When Plaxico Burres shot himself i didn’t here them say a word, they sent the man to prison for shooting himself in the leg on accident. WTF!?

HEY TRENDIES, The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting it’s about individual self defense.

That is until you try to take the guns then it goes back to hunting and I’m not talking deer or ducks I’m talking tyrants.
I know trendies and the military wants to brainwash the masses into thinking that we don’t need guns to defend ourselves but I guarantee you any foreign country that was thinking about invading the United States has to worry about the MILLIONS of GUN OWNERS waiting on someone to try something stupid.
The trendies WHO WORSHIP GOVERNMENT want Americans to forget the fact that the government fails over and over again in its duty to protect this country and its people.   How are they going to protect 150 Million households with open borders and drones strike video games?  Yeah right.  If something happens a talking head like BOB COSTUS will give you the Pearl Harbor or the September 11th excuse (2012 Bengazi or 2001 New York ).

PS. If you watch the Bob Costus interview on Jerry Sandusky it’s amazing how difficult it is for Bob to call it straight when he was talking about a known child rapist.  However, when it comes to discussing a black “aggressive young” linebacker he has a strong and clear opinion that he has doubled down on.  Watch the interview for how measured Bob is with his words, look at the difference in how weak he comes off by comparison.  It’s a sad reality to deal with for America.  The trendies are now more excited about going after guns than they are child rapists, god save us.


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This post tells you all you need to know about the mindset of the super trendy.  Here’s a guy that is proud that he has no way to defend his family and is announcing it to the world proudly.  He says that he knows how to BOX so if anything goes bad at his home he’ll just box away the evil bad guys.

I’m like dude what dimension are you living in.

GOD forbid, if something ever did happen at his home he’s going to do what?  Grab the phone and call a man with a gun to save him.

These trendies man, you gotta love em. They just don’t know better.

God bless you and your family Jason I hope you wise up soon and at least get a shotgun to protect your household. Better safe than sorry.  WTF are you thinking about?


These super trendies can’t fake it but for so long.  I told you these trendies are being led by con artists.  Look at the type of crap they say when you catch them being honest.  If you don’t agree with them they don’t want to debate they want you DEAD.  My reaction, WOW.


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  1. truck driver says:

    It’s the fault of the company who owns the truck the bar that served him, the company that made the booze, the county that failed to have a police presence to pull him off before he got someone killed, his employer for letting him near a bus…. . it/s 2012. EVERYONE is at fault; easier to sue.. . (Sorry; forgot the truck driver’s mother.
    ..good catch there! ) Probably his parole officer and the DMV as well.

  2. jason says:

    It’s funny that you just link it & come up with your own explanation about that last tweet. Let’s break it down, shall we? 1) “The irony”…”e expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.”

    2)”Lizard part of my brain” : meaning that te higher functions, the part of my brain responsible for what I say and do, how I act, thinks that that the statement after is a crock. The higher functioning part of my brain thinks that anyone WITH a higher functioning part of their brain should not beilive in gun usage. At all. Guns don’t kill people They just making it so much fucking easier for people kill people

    3) I don’t actually want you – or anyone else dead. I’m they guy that runs towards the gunfire, the guy that would actually step in front of a gun for someone (yeah… ask me how I know this).

    Ah well. I don’t actually expect much from you. You seem to want a one sided arguement.

  3. Jason says:

    I’m thinking of every single prerson whose child has been killed by the family gun. I’m thinking of every single person who has been killed by their own gun. i’m thiking that everyone – everyone – needs to understand that fewer guns means fewer deaths. How many times have these mass shooters been stopped by somone who isn’t a cop or military person?

    This isn’t a trend for me. this is how I grew up, this is what I’ve been about my entire life. I’ve been shot at – more than once. No one needs guns, especially not the damned assault rifle he was carrying. You want to use a gun for hunting? You want to use it for home d? Fine. Get something that you have to stop and reload after one or two shots.

    There is not one thing you can say to me that would make me change my mind. Do I fear my children being killed? Of course. But I fear the implications that arise when I teach my kids that killing is OK. I’m not a fan. I don’t think anyone should be a fan, really.

    1. llenrad.com says:

      Come on now Jason.

      Let’s make a compromise.

      You agree that you’ll go out for Christmas and to get a firearm to protect your household and I’ll agree that trendies are reasonable.

      1. Jason says:

        The only firearms I’ll be getting is when I try to take my bundt cake out of the oven after one too many whiskey sours at the in laws…

        1. llenrad.com says:

          LOL Merry Christmas.