April fools? No it’s your real life


Is back.




It’s not April Fools day it’s just your real life.


It has been 117 days since I last wrote for LlenRad.

It seems like 117 million things have happened in this time.


Where should I start?



#1 – Barack Obama signs the Monsanto protection act

This means the food supply in America will continue to be flooded with genetically modified food which has been directly linked to terrible health problems.

This isn’t surprising being that the crops are designed to kill the bugs that eat them and they caused horrible tumors in mice but Monsanto’s lawyers say it’s safe for YOU to eat even though THEY won’t eat it.



#2 – Barack Obama signs FISA the Warrant-less Wiretapping bill.

It’s called warrantless because by law and common sense you need a warrant from a judge to tap someone’s phone line and listen to their private conversation.

This is what brought down President Nixon after all in the Water-Gate scandal.

You wonder why they put a “gate” on the end of all the scandals?

Yeah it’s because a US president once got caught tapping phones and he ended up resigning over it.

Now days all you hear about is how someone’s phone was conveniently tapped like David the Betrayer and his side piece.

That whole story got busted because of warrantless wire taps which have always been illegal in America and any free society.



#3 – Barack Obama, the UN, and their celebrities buddies want you to turn in your guns.

This is exactly the opposite of what the government is supposed to be doing in America.

They are supposed to be defending our rights as described in the constitution, not finding new creative ways to take them away by working with foreign organizations like the UN and Hollywood actors and actresses.

Yeah right, Americans need to hear to Beyonce, Chris Rock, and Jim Carrey tell them to turn in their guns that they paid for with their own money.

Jim Carrey made such a fool out of himself that he had to go crawling back and act like he was just kidding after his latest gun grabbing stunt.


What happens when the public is unarmed and unable to defend themselves?  Well, the thugs take over and then they even arrest the police.

What makes it all so sad is the same trendies who promote  disarming Americans surround themselves by armed security guards.



#4 – Obama’s version of Romney care increases insurance premiums on Americans as expected.

Now if people don’t pay this new Health Care tax they have to deal with the IRS.

This report from the New York Times says that SOME premiums will increase.

Some will not change like those who occupy the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.

They’re policies I’m sure will not increase or change one red cent.

However, you on the other hand and your family are NOT like SOME people are you?



#5 – Janet “Le Superfreak” Napalitano finally responds to the buying of over a billion of rounds of ammo for the “Department of Homeland Security”.

This brand new agency started by George W Bush has been arming to the TEETH like they are planning for an all out war or something.

Why they are buying billions of rounds of ammo I don’t know you be the judge.

DHS has been buying hollow point ammo at an exponential pace while at the same time telling Americans that buying guns and owning ammo is bad.

They’re even talking about making people buy insurance for their guns and even presenting strange new regulations on ammo.

But then there’s this report that says, “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had minimal involvement in the Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force Operation Fast and Furious.” So they admit to being involved but who knows how much?

…oh yeah, the Prime Thug.



#6 – Professional trendies promote cancelling the constitution.

This is what it all boils down to.

They say they don’t have to live under our laws but somehow they want us to live under their rules.

The US constitution is just a document guarantees SOME of our rights in writing but professional con men, corrupt politicians, and brainwashed trendies want to “change” that.

Now this wasn’t the change that we talked about, was it?

These super trendies seem so anxious to move “forward” against the will of so many Americans.

All we see is one bill after the next slowly eroding American rights in the name of “keeping us safe”.

What’s the big rush to hurt people who after all paid for the bank bailout that supposedly saved the economy?

If trendies wouldn’t support Mitt Romney choosing the rights that we ALL have why do they support Obama doing the same?



 #7 – Bio Terror lab loses terrible virus.

Continuing the life is a movie theme like the Batman movie shooting in Aurora, Co.

The latest breaking news is that a Vial of deadly virus is missing from a Texas bioterror lab.

Freaking great dudes.

My question is why the FHUK are you morons making these viruses anyway?

Oh yeah that’s right, the most maniacal psychopaths always plot to destroy people scientifically, in the movies.

Good thing we live in one big ass movie.



#8 – Google honors Cesar Chavez on Easter instead of Moses or Jesus.

If you don’t know your history you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of your past.

People are truly lost when they have forgot where they come from.

No matter what people say they know their grand parents taught them better.

It’s hard to blame people these days for losing trust and faith with the way these corrupted churches operate.

People need to know you can believe in God and practice your faith without “organized religion”.

You are free to figure it out for yourself but it starts with the text.  Reading is fundamental.



#9 – Judges can now use a Truth Serum on you.

Yeah seriously.

Imagine you are accused of a crime.

You say NO I did not do it.

They say, “give him the truth serum”.

Then you come back and say, ok I did do it. but they won’t accept it for some reason.

If this is America in 2013 where will we be in 2023?



#10 – The Pope pulled a Sarah Palin.

The new pope is named Frances and every time I hear his name I think of the Notorious BIG’s verse on all about the Benjamin’s .

It’s hilarious.

I think the old pope was the first head of state to be shamed out of office by the internet.

Some may say it was because of some bull crap health issue but it was the internets man I’m telling you.

Dude was the creepiest looking weirdo ever and he actually did help child rapists.

It’s also odd the timing of the whole thing.  The last time a pope quit was 600 years ago to the day.

Makes you wonder what these dudes in funny clothes are up to.  Was this whole thing planned?




#11 – Judge rules The abortion pill is now ok to be sold to minors.


Don’t want to tell your mommy you’ve been having sex?

Now you can get rid of the baby fast just go to the vending machine and buy a pack of baby be gone.

It’s really sad.

I remember when they first started talking about this when I was in school now look where we are.

It’s just tragic seeing people who were given the gift of life working gleefully to prevent others from enjoying the same.

Read this G+ post re-share by Joe Jain



#12 – Obama gone cut medicare and social security.

Yeah I said it right.

It’s like the story of the snake and the frog part II.

The moral to the story is you can’t blame the snake for being a snake it’s just a snake.

Check out the reaction of loyal trendies on dailykos one of the comments was “I feel like puking.”

It’s hilarious the game of wack-a-mole these crooks play.

Now you see why LlenRad no candy coat it trendies?  I got love for you that’s why I’m keeping it real with you.



#13 – More Americans living in poverty than ever before.

The loyal trendies who want to keep up an image of success will tell you that everything is going awesome and it’s time to buy a house.





Now it’s over to you.


How do you feel about the 13 biggest stories of 2013?

Which stories did I miss?

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