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Turn in Your Guns or not Guilty Michael Dunn?

I’m watching Jackass Al Sharpton on someNBC talking about the “stand your ground” law in this horrific case of senseless violence where a white man shot and killed ANOTHER unarmed black teenager in a dispute over loud music. This happened on “black

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It’s a “NIGGA” thang maybe you would understand.

In this article I hope to help explain for you a small part of the cultural phenomenon which is known as the NIGGA. I know. I get it. It’s controversial and not politically correct or whatever due to the treacherously

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How to End the Global Apartheid

Today is the first day in 95 years that Nelson Mandela has not been here on Earth with us. During this time span, just 5 years short of a century this man spent 27 years in prison because he fought

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White House Smoke Screen?

Would it be the first time? I have to tell it like it is on LlenRad.   Finish this sentence: Where there’s smoke there’s ________. No there’s a headline on,, and that alerts everyone of a big

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Guantánamo Hostages. Why are we doing this?

  This is the first video post that I have published for LlenRad and I want to hear what you have to say. I haven’t posted as much as I would like due to so much going on but I

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April fools? No it’s your real life

Is back.   No.   It’s not April Fools day it’s just your real life.   It has been 117 days since I last wrote for LlenRad. It seems like 117 million things have happened in this time.   Where should

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What defines America more than this word? What it stands for. Where it got popular. What it means.   Today nicksupasaur pulled off a legendary FAIL and embarrassed himself at the same time proving my point better than I ever

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