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Guantánamo Hostages. Why are we doing this?

  This is the first video post that I have published for LlenRad and I want to hear what you have to say. I haven’t posted as much as I would like due to so much going on but I

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America goes Black, stays. Here’s what to expect by 2016.


They say once you go black you don’t go back. Why do you think they say that? Is that what happened to America in 2012?  Is America Addicted to a black leader now? If so what does that mean is

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No Hope No Change maybe next time Obama will make it rain?


Why was Barack Obama catapulted into the White house on a tidal wave of loyal support from Americans far and wide in 2008? How did he pull it off?  Why did so many people show up to support his presidential

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Why Black Politicians Emulate The Rulers of their Fathers.


The truth is if it wasn’t for all those white people who joined Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King in protests and marches the civil rights movement would have never been successful. The second truth is the Occupy movement made

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Obama admits his support for Al Qaeda, do you?


You better not.  If you don’t want to get killed by a drone or indefinitely detained forever in some black site dark hole pit somewhere. Who knows you’ll probably get tortured into admitting who knows what.  Why would all of

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Should America go BARACK to the FUTURE or FORWARD to the Past?


America’s journey has found a stretch of extremely rough terrain and uncertain footing in 2012.  A long trip that has been like a roller coaster ride since September 11, 2001 has now lost steam and seems stuck in the mud.

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Michelle Obama Straight No Chaser


Barack Obama will be elected again and when he is sworn in he better sing Michelle an original thank you song too, NO-Al Green.  She is flat out carrying the over eared president through his re-election campaign. He’s been shooting bricks with his

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