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Why Romney Lost


The first thing people will want to know is why? Why did Mitt Lose? Well. That is the Billion dollar question isn’t it?   I post predictions because anyone can write about what already happened or what is happening right

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Why did Mitt Romney Flip Flop on his TAX RETURNS?


I guess the guy can’t help it.  Call it habitual or call it strategic.  Whatever you call it people now know when the Mitt-ster says something just set your timer to when he will change it.  What a piece of

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Mitt Romney a Poser, a Bush, or a Reagan?


The majority of this campaign season has been focused on WHAT Mitt Romney is about.  Is he about jobs is he about War? WHAT will he do about this issue or that issue?  WHAT about the debt crisis? WHAT about

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What can Mitt Romney learn from Bill Cosby?


Welcome to the 2012 political circus…Scene 1 act 1:  The Republican National Convention. It’s really embarrassing watching adults behave this way.  If you have seen any of the coverage from the big networks it’s the same scene over and over.  Grown men

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How much MORE MONEY would you have with Romney’s Tax rate?


What do you call a system that forces those who do the most work to pay the highest tax rates?  What happened to reality and common sense in our world? Did the NASA scientists take it to MARS or something?

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3 reasons Paul Ryan won’t help Mitt Romney Win


Mitt Romney surprised the pundits when he announced Paul Ryan as his presidential running mate recently.  The pundits on television promoted potential candidates from Condoleezza Rice to Mark Rubio,  even David Petreaus got in the running somehow.  Not sure how that

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Romney’s “Shake and Bake” on Ron and Rand Paul


So the wait is finally over and nope Mitt Romney didn’t pick a women, an African-American, or a Latino as his running mate.  He picked a white man from Wisconsin, Paul Ryan. How do you feel about Romney’s pick?  Do

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