Guantánamo Hostages. Why are we doing this?


This is the first video post that I have published for LlenRad and I want to hear what you have to say.

I haven’t posted as much as I would like due to so much going on but I really want to hear from you on this important issue.

How do you feel about “The Hussein” talking about, “Why are we doing this?” 


My initial reaction when I read OBAMA’s remarks on the Guantánamo Hostages was WE are not doing this man YOU are doing this.

Why are YOU doing this?

I don’t know, I’m not sure who knows either.

Maybe its:

  • Because Bush told you to?
    That’s why I call you Black Bush, but recently I had to be corrected because actually you are half black so that would make you Half-Black Bush.  Either way we can’t tell if George W ever left office bra.
    Remember when you were taking about prosecuting Bush for war crimes?  Ha Haaaaaaaa yeah right now look at you smiling and grinning at Bush’s library ceremony.  If you’re not a Bush TOOL you sure act exactly like one.
  • Because the UN told you to?
    We know about your position on the UN security council while at the same time holding office as president of the United States.  That’s illegal man.  You can’t serve two masters people know that so maybe you are serving one over seas?  You sure as hell aren’t working for us anymore.
  • Because you like it?
    Lets face it.  Bush tortured and bombed those people because he liked it and the dirty little secret is you do too.Just like everyone thought “it” was Bobby and then they found out later it was “Whitney” B-Rock it’s you man.You like to hurt people don’t you?  Why else would you sign into law the NDAA which gives YOU ALONE the right to indefinitely incarcerate Americans without charges or trial.  Isn’t it ironic this is the exact same deal that the hostages in Guantánamo have?


Barrack listen to me very closely.

You still have time.

Do the right thing man.

I know it will probably end bad for you if you back stab your back stabbing friends like Bush and Cheney & co.

But, if you do the right thing and end this evil that your up to then you will forever be remembered for doing the right thing.

All you have to do is use your executive order to close this hostage camp and set these people free who haven’t been charged with ANYTHING.

A free nation must love freedom and justice not POWER over man.

Ultimately the unjust will be judged and the POWER will return to the people.

YOU could be the one to do it man so I urge you to stop acting like a Bush and tap into your inner soul brother if there is any left in you and finally do the right thing.

Keep your brother, but not in a damn cell if he hasn’t been charged with a crime.

If he has been charged let him defend himself and stop all of this treachery and lawyer talk double-speak hatefulness,  we can see your horns man.

To answer YOUR question, We didn’t do this WE would have NEVER done this.

BUSH did this and YOU, YOU are keeping it going now STOP IT!



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