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Stories of 2012.  What is the #1 Story of year?

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What is the Top Story of 1Q12?

  1. The Online Censorship movement is born:  SOPA and PIPA
  2. Joe Paterno dies while defiantly defending the Penn State child sex ring.
  3. Rest In Peace Whitney Houston.
  4. Stop Kony goes Stop Phony
  5. Rest in Peace Trayvon Martin who was stalked and killed by George Zimmerman because he was walking home.


What is the Top Story of 2Q12?

  1. Rest In Peace Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys’s also know as MCA.
  2. Tupac hologram debuted at Coachella
  3. Rest In Peace? Junior Seau committed suicide in 2012.
  4. Lebron James finally wins a championship with the Miami Heat but he has an Asterisk until he wins a full season title.


What is the Top Story of 3Q12?

  1. Supreme court approves ObamaCare as a new income tax.
  2. Colorado shooting at the first Batman movie screening.  Initial reports said two shooters then it changed and then it changed again.
  3. America Wins the Olympics, Golden Gabby Douglas and Magic Michael Phelps
  4. NASA announces it landed on Mars but people mostly yawn other think they actually landed in Nevada.
  5. Judge Katherine B. Forrest  issued a permanent injunction barring the government from holding people in Obama’s indefinite military detention tyranny.
  6. Barack Hussein Obama admits he is supporting Al Qaeda.


What is the Top Story of 4Q12?


  1. The Air Force Releases Schematics On How To Build A Flying Saucer.
  2. Texas Schools caught Using Electronic Chips To Track Students.
  3. Florida student study reveals ice at fast food restaurants is actually dirtier than the toilet water at the same establishment.
  4. Convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to less time in prison than Bernie Madoff who stole money from rich people.
  5. Soft drink manufacturer Coca-Cola has joined forces with pharmaceutical company Sanofi to create a line of drinks to ” aid health and beauty.”
  6. Because he likes ROMNEY?  Billy Graham’s Evangelical Group Removes Mormonism From Cult List hilariously.
  7. Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki’s company files BK proving that only stupid poor people try to repay debt that’s too large.
  8. Rest in peace Stephen Richards Covey the creator of the 7 habits of highly effective people.
  9. Hurricane Sandy hits NYC.
  10. George Lucus sells out.  Gives away Star Wars and LucasFilms for only $4B.  Disney will make that back in two years.


  1. Romney Loses I tried to tell you.  Why did you think he would win?
  2. RIP Twinkies. 
  3. Man uses mind controlled robotic leg to climb 103 story building.  Terminator arm introduced.
  4. Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana.
  1. December 7th: Jacintha Saldanha body was found and ruled a suicide after she transferring a prank call to Catherine. The mystery surrounding this case is about as thick as peanut butter.  What would make the nurse of “Queen Elizabeth” great grandchild kill herself?
  2. December 14th:  Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. Trendies go hype zealot and reveal their real goal of banning guns.
  3. December 14th:  Obama issues War Monger Power resolution continues the Africom invasion and later evaluates African nations like he’s their high ruler or something.
  4. “The merica” goes off the Fiscal Cliff.  Maybe this is a story for 2013?
  5. Oliver Stone says the United States has become an Orwellian state.
  6. The facebook family gets all mad because someone saw one of their personal family photos.  
  7. Politicians screw America AND Americans AND get a raise.
  8. #kimye is born. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian announce they are expecting a child.

What is the Top Story of 2012?

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Here’s 12 things to watch out for in 2013:


1.  WAR.

Obama is a blood thirsty war monger who has basically rented the United States Military to the international NATO/UN pirate force.

Here’s a question for you, WTF is a Global force for good?  Sounds like “the robbing crew” that Outkast used to rap about.

Look out for Syria to be the next Libya.  They’ll blame some ___________________ ists for why they have to invade yet, another country.

Meanwhile over 30 African countries will be occupied by US forces who are scheduled to conduct “exercises” in 2013.

Yeah, we’ve heard that one before.  Look out for WAR and plenty of it, EVERYWHERE.  They’ll blame it on any and everybody from Joeseph Kony’s cousin to Osama Bin Laden’s grandson.

What ever it takes to cover up the fact that the United States now serves one primary point and that is to MAKE WAR and insiders RICH.

Very few people know that Obama’s NDAA LAW of 2011 designated The United States as a WAR ZONE.



The American people are getting conned by professionals who are paid to like they care.  This con works because the average person is influenced by celebrities and corrupted politicians who dress nice and appear to have authority.

The truth is all the government has proven it can actually do is spend money and pass new laws that make things you used to do ILLEGAL.

Oprah started the hypocrite games last year when she promoted new laws (THAT GOT PASSED) to make it Illegal to drive and TEXT.  Now the trendies have made 32 ounce soda’s illegal.  What’s next?

Have you seen BEYONCE’s new anti-gun commercial?  These super trendies don’t want anyone armed except of coarse their own body guards.



I was one of the first to call this UK re-invasion that we are witnessing.  This will continue and escalate in 2013.  The NY Times now has a Boss from the UK.  CNN’s newest front man from the UK will reveal who’s really in charge.

Do you remember years ago when Rush Limbaugh was FIRED by ESPN for making stupid comments that their audience didn’t appreciate about black quarterbacks?  

CNN’s newest anchorman has screwed up so bad that there’s a petition to kick his ass out of the country.  So far over 90,000 Americans have signed this White House petition.

If you want to know what will happen just take a look at Pirate Captain Morgan’s twitter page where he shows off his “connections”.

What about you?  Oh, you’re not in the picture sorry.  Maybe you should move to London like Beyonce and Jay Z and become a real citizen?




- Because it’s no fun reporting on what already happen.





I correctly predicted the decline for APPLE.  There was a big run up after Steve Jobs death but Apple WILL NEVER EVER reach these highs again.  Write it down.  Email it to your future self or do whatever it takes but remember I told you first.

Apple made a big mistake when it forgot that it was supposed to be the luxury electronic brand.

Instead of continuing what Steve Jobs proved works when he rejoined the company they have tried to be everything to EVERYONE, big mistake.   You can’t see it now but you didn’t see blackberry’s fall off coming either.



Facebook will continue its slide that will escalate when they report weak earnings for 2012 and investors realize that facebook is a fad that will only make money in farmville.  Mobile revenue will also disappoint as people go out of their way to NOT click mobile ads and they simply don’t use Facebook like that anymore.

Eventually a big company with plenty of cash on hand like Microsoft may step up and buy them so that they can compete with Google.  Maybe Yahoo buys facebook.  Either way they will get bought out because there is value in $FB but not that much. will eventually become the new MySpace.



Are college football games fixed?  I don’t know but if you have some money bet it on Notre Dame and you will win.  Don’t ask me how I know this stuff I just know.



Florida was one of the first states to sign a petition to concede from the United States.  This case will be the first issue to test these waters.  Once George Zimmerman is found not guilty the pressure will then be put on Obama’s Justice department to “over rule” the state’s decision.  Watch out this one could spark a serious riot.  I hope I’m wrong on this prediction.


More Predictions coming keep watching.


Now it’s over to you.  What do you think is the story of the year?  What predictions do you have?


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