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#5 - U.G.K.

#5 – U.G.K.

UGK is undisputed and respected as one of the best who ever did it. Started off underground ended up big pimp’n always listed as a favorite by top artists everywhere. Amazon.com Widgets


OUTKAST is the most unique original thing to happen to music let alone hip hop.  The Georgia rap duo put Atlanta on the map like the Olympics and has been holding it down ever since.  Personally I think ATLiens is their best album and I would nominate it for best rap group album of all...
#3 - N.W.A.

#3 – N.W.A.

N.W.A. was controversial and blamed by mainstream media when they told the reality of what was happening in their community.  Their appeal grew coast to coast when city after city related to what they described in their music.  They started the gangster rap phenomenon or you could say it was started by crack cocaine flooded...
#2 - Public Enemy

#2 – Public Enemy

Yes, the Rhythm the Rebel. Words fail to explain how I felt as a youth coming up listening to Public Enemy as loud as my speakers could play. Chuck D and Flava-Flav dropping knowledge while Terminator X mixes seamlessly. Yeah I said Flava was dropping knowledge, sure he was the original hype man innovator known...