America = Racism and Bias views

My mother would tell me all the time as a kid, ” if you slow down, pay attention, look and listen you will be amazed at the things you notice and discovery.”  Here recently America has shown you, though we are living in 2014 with a “black,” their views of supremacy are still the same as they have been since their supposed “founding fathers.”  The media is the greatest propaganda promoter of the white supremacist agenda.  From displaying the white men and women as the essence of beauty, strength,  power or anything else positive to the demise of everyone else.  Such movies like Noah, Exodus, Matrix, Passion of Christ, ect., furthers promotes the “white supremacy,” or “white savior” perspective.  While at the same time promoting things like Menace to Society,  True Lies,  Tyler Perry, rap music, ects,  This propaganda portrays such people in the foulest of lights, as well as perspectives.   Just recently the events of the M. Brown and the 2 officers shot have been the topic of such bias media.  What is interesting though, is the responses that certain people have on such.  For example,  you have the black players in the NFL making a statement about the M. Brown situation, by way of coming out with their hands up, T-shirts ect.  White America responded to this with statements such as, “Distasteful.” “Unprofessional.”  “Ignorance,” or something else in a negative sense.  Yet, you have Nick Mangold making that same statement  in reference to Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, with the wearing  of the cap being greeted with “player of the week,” “great guy,” “you go boy,” all positive.  Hell they even had a moment of silence, which I feels sends the message that some lives are more valuable then others.  Ironically those “lesser valued life,” are those of people of color.  201412211235453450438 B3t0MTRIEAADxZR