People have the tendency to state that “scripture,” is/ of/ from gods word, when the fact of the matter it is not. Only by faith, does such a statement become true. Scripture is the ignorance of man trying to understand that which they are not capable of understanding by way of theology. Theology is the study of gods or the theories of such. The mere fact that you have to “study,” is a clear indication that you don’t know. Hence the reason why you study. For a moment let’s accept the theologically idea of an all powerful creator, who in which created the world and everything in it. Taking this as fact, then scripture itself could not have been the creation of such a creator. IF this creator had indeed created such a world and everything within it, then scripture would be like all the others of the creator’s creations. Scripture would be like the seasons, like the air we breath, like the blood that runs within our veins, like the love we have for our mother, like a cry, ect. It would be a natural occurrence, not something that “came” into existence at a much later date. It would not be something that has to be taught or learned, something that can be altered or changed, ect. It would be like the natural functions of the body. It would be like life and death, like reproduction and decomposition, like the connection of a new born and its mother or time with seasons. Being that it is not a natural thing, one can make a valid argument that it is not of the creator. It is only professed to be of such, simply to gain validation. Nothing in reference to the “creator’s/ creators creation,” opposes life and growth. Anything that does is not of, nor has it every been of the Creator/ Creators. One needs to look at scripture in the same way they look at a gun, a car, electronics, or anything else man made. It needs to be looked at with the understanding, like everything else created by man and for man, it too is for the advancement of man’s personal gain and personal agendas. There is nothing divine about it, unless you accept the delusional state creates, called faith and theology.