Trucker Caught in NY Using Devise To Avoid Tolls

Here’s my take on this whole thing.

These idiots in Washington DC have made the cost of operating a business in transportation INSANELY HIGH.

They continuously invent new ways to try and get that last dollar out of your pocket, ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE A TRUCK DRIVER.

Proof of this is this man Pablo Ortega who came up with his own creative way to make a living out on the road.

He fixed his truck with a sophisticated system to avoid tolls and apparently it was working, for a while–until it didn’t.

Now he’s in trouble and the “authorities” are crawling around his but like a tape worm on steroids.

Here’s the full story I hope he gets off on some technicality >>>>>>>>

NYC trucker caught using ‘sophisticated’ bumper-retracting device to help him avoid tolls on the George Washington Bridge


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