How to tell the future, Plan.

Its amazing the results you get when you do things the right way.  What is the right way to do things?  Well, first you have to understand there is a right and a wrong and a good, better, and best way to do everything.  You have to first subscribe to this idea.  If you don’t believe that things can be perfected then you will easily settle for what’s good enough.  That won’t get you very far.

What have you learned from previous experience?  When you look back and you wince over things that did not work out like you wanted what was the cause?  Don’t you usually say something that would affect the plan you used?  “I didn’t think about that.” ever said that before?  When you go hiking you know there is a chance that you can get lost so don’t you bring a compass and a map with you?  Same idea in trucking.  You have good tires you check the tires but you always bring a spare its just common sense.

What are you doing to create the future you want?  You can have the outcome that you truly desire if you plan for it.  Do you want to be a truck driver?  Do you want to own your own truck?  What is your plan?  In my eBook I talk about what worked for me and how I found a plan to accomplish my goal without qualifying for a bank loan or going to trucking school.  I am now trying to help people do the same because trucking is so cool to me, if you do it right.

People will say, “Yeah but you can’t plan for everything.”  That’s true and that is also the lamest reason ever to not make a plan.  The idea that every single thing possible is not in your plan and that means your going to fail is the weakest immature attitude you can have.  Personal responsibility is the stuff of legends.  Just suck it up if you have fell on your duff pull yourself up by your shoe strings and get back on the road.  Your plan will provide your overall directions you as the actor can and will improvise as needed but always stick to the plan.

What to do now?  Get a plan if you don’t have one.  Before you do though make sure you follow your heart. Don’t sell yourself out, there are already plenty of people who want to do that for you.  Defend your personal goals make good on the deals you made with yourself when you were a kid.  You can do it one step at a time.  Thanks for your comments.



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