Kurt Busch and The Wisconsin Recall Election

I am no longer appologizing for speaking about the most important things going on in our society.  This website was not designed to be a political platform but it seems like the walls of Freedom are closing in everyday based on what is happening in our world.

These so called politicians should be getting the point.  The people of Wisconsin organized a recall of their Governor earlier this year.  I don’t care about the outcome republican or democrat I just like to see the People exercising power.  They (politicians) divide and conquer this is what has kept the two party system in place for so long.  Meanwhile things continue to get progressively worse.

On the day of the recall election June 5th the top three trending topics online were the major league baseball draft, Kurt Bush’s latest antics and the Wisconsin Recall Election.  This shows Americans still have their priorites out of order but are slowly waking up to WTF is going on.

Sure Kurt Busch beating the crap out of a reporter would be an entertaining video to watch and yes I would probably share it on my twitter too.  However we must at some point stop and realize that the truck we are driving is way out of the lane and off the road.  What is the approprirate response in this case?

The politicians with their fancy suits and credit card lined pockets are in a position where they could care less and they actually do care less about their job and the American people than they do their golf outings and posh lifestyle.   The sad thing is they spend money even though the government is broke for years running a deficit bigger than anyone has ever seen.

While this is happening the story of the Nascar driver who goes nuts when stupid reporters ask stupid questions gets all the attention. What do you think about this are we on the right track?

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