Take care of the driver before the truck.

The first lesson you learn when you start driving a truck is, take care of the truck it pays your salary.  How many people stop and consider who is supposed to take care of the driver?  How can you do it?  Let me help you with something that is extremely important.  your life is on the line I should say your quality of life is on the line.  Life is not what you grit and bear through its for prosperous  happiness and this is only possible if you take care of yourself first.

Get some healthy habits.  Cardiovascular health is where its at.  You need to get a jump rope or a bicycle or some good jogging shoes or what ever is your fancy but you need to get your butt moving so your sweating and breathing heavy for a good 20-30 minutes as many days a week as you can.  Every other day is a good routine and habit to create.  Add push-ups and other exorcises keep it simple but just do it. Its not a game its your personal truck, your body.

Pride is for idiots.  If you are at a location waiting to get unloaded there is a good opportunity to get a work out in.  People may look at you strange but that’s them who cares what they think?  Just focus on taking care of you.  If you had a problem with the truck that you needed to get down and look at would you care what people thought or would you do what was required to get your truck going?  Its the exact same with your body.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.  Do the opposite and your on the right track.  If you have a big ole belly and get tired easily these are signs that you are moving in the wrong direction.  You eat and sleep or sit sedentary for hours for pleasure this is not what you were put here to do.  Switch up your lifestyle to one that benefits you in all ways.   Gardening is a great physical task that people enjoy from a greator standpoint.  People really get into the idea of creating something beautiful or delicious.

What ever your path find it and go go go you don’t have time to waste.  Here’s another favorite of mine.  I would keep fresh apples and oranges in my truck all the time and ice water.  I would eat the apples and oranges all the time and then the ice water had a very refreshing effect on me especially early in the morning.  I was able to quit coffee doing this and it makes me feel ten times better.

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