The impact of the Wisconsin Recall.

The people are pissed off.

The politicians’ slimy ways have finally caught up with them. The people moved to force a recall of the Scott Walker elected governor of Wisconsin in 2010.

The people are pissed at the bill that Scott Walker proposed and they decided to throw him out on the street.  They are not willing to deal with the top down dictator style governance so they forced a recall election.

The results of the election will be known by the time this post is published however it is not the point.  The fact that the people protested what the government did is a victory in and of itself.

People have forgot one very simple premise in what makes up the relationship between the government and ordinary citizens.  That is the people are in charge.   The government likes to use fancy titles and offices (all paid for by the taxpayers by the way) as a way to insinuate authority and control over people.

This is all garbage.  The people are in charge this is our country and we will not tolerate these self dealing corrupt practices that have become the status quo.  Talk to any truck driver and they will tell you about how the government comes in and screws everything up time after time.

I don’t know who will win the recall election but I think the people are the winners just by forcing the issue.  It’s sad how government employees behave as if they are of a higher class when actually they are costing American tax payers more money.  There is no return on investment in government.  The government has only had a budget surplus in four years since 1980.

The newest technique used by these clown politicians is to not create a budget at all.  That way it can’t be said that spending was higher than expected.  What can be done to recall the remaining politicians who have lost their minds?

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