What Kevin Garnett can teach you about Trucking.

When I left high school to go to college Kevin Garnet was doing the same except he was going to play professional basketball for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  He signed at that time the biggest contract in the history of the league.  I was filling out student financial aid forms.  It has been bumpy ride for Kevin Garnet though.  He was not successful over all in Minnesota because they did not win a championship even though they had a few playoff runs.  They were a team that caught got a lot of attention because of Kevin Garnet and his leadership and excellence as a role model.

There were some real bumps in the road.  Due to the contract and the money that he was paid Kevin Garnet was blamed personally for everything the entire team did.  There was a horrific accident where his teamate was killed and other lows that eventually led to him leaving and going to the Boston Celtics.  There he found real success and chemestry with veteran players and the right coach.  The result was a championship and a reignition of the Celtics lore.

How did KG do it? Well he just kept on trucking.  The point is that you will hit bumps in the road but you have to understand this is all a part of the road.  When you do get knocked off your coarse get back up in your truck and keep on trucking.  The road is long and has all types of twists and curves your jobs is to stay in your lane and keep moving.  Do not get too high during the highs or too low during the lows just know its a long haul and you aint there yet.

KG fell under more pressure this season as the sports writers started to call the 35 year old an old man saying the NBA is a young mans game.  Well recently KG’s clutch performance in the playoffs has proven doubters wrong again.  The key point is that you have to disprove doubters again and again.  Stay focused an know this before your start.  Success is part science and part art.  You will make it once you accept success as your only true destiny.  Keep on trucking.



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