Why people with a Truck License are respected.

Respect is universal.  All people deserve it and all people should give it.  It doesn’t happen that way now does it?  People who aspire to be respected by others should first start with the person in the mirror.  Take a look at yourself and ask if you are really respecting yourself?  Do you respect your body, mind, and future?  What are you doing to develop yourself if this is true?  What are you doing to improve your situation?  This is a recurring question that you can benefit from asking.

People look up to truckers.  Physically when you are riding next to a big semi truck you have to respect the size of the vehicle and its load.   When I first started driving cars it was always nerve racking to be next to big trucks it was intimidating to ride by semis for any extended period of time.  I would usually pass as quickly as I could. This is the start of the respect for truckers.  Once you respect the truck its only natural to respect the individual driving the truck.

Truckers are reliable.  They have to be or they won’t be around very long.  This is like saying good comedians are funny.  Well the ones who aren’t probably are doing something else for money like driving a truck.  You can’t be successful without being successful.  Get used to the idea that your plans will work out.   In order for you to accomplish the dreams that you want to have happen they have to work.  There is no option you have to see success is your destiny.

Truck drivers deliver the goods.  This was my mind set when I would have to show up early to get loaded and then turn around for another load on the other side of the state.  If the materials were not there on time I knew my customer would be screwed.  If I caused them to be delayed then how am I helping them?  I had to make sure that I was where I needed to be on time to ensure the results I wanted.  Doing this would generate the respect that I wanted from my peers.  Take advantage of all opportunities to show people what you can do and when you are successful they remember.  Then they’ll spread the word and next thing you know you’ll have made a name for yourself.  It takes time just keep doing the right things and stay patient your reputation will grown like an oak tree.

Everyone knows a trucker.  People seem to have a positive relationship with someone they know who is a truck driver.  For what ever reason it is the case that truck drivers more times than not leave a positive impression on people they com in contact with.  Why is it?  well what are your stories?  Do you know people who have been in trucking for years?  How is your relationship with them is it positive?  Think about the one truck driver you know best, do they have your respect?



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