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 The fact that you are on this page right now tells me something about you.

I’m honored to have you here.

If you need more income or sales for your business and you’re not afraid to LEARN you will NOT be disappointed with what I am about to share with you.

I’m the type that doesn’t like to sit around complaining about the problems in my life, “hoping” they’ll change.

I accept that everything in the world is not under my control and I focus on the fact that there are some things in this world that only I can control.

This strategy helped me identify the system that made me thousands of dollars online since 2011 and this is what I want to share with you.


When I was back in high school I thought going to college and getting a corporate job was the silver bullet to perpetual success and financial independence.  Man was I wrong.

After graduating college, my professional career included positions with some of the most successful fortune 500 companies.  Then I left corporate America and started my own businesses.  

During the BOOM things were great, then the Real Estate market crashed in 2008 and I had to start over from scratch.

I figured I’d try the internet, but I didn’t know the first thing about “making money online”.

To speed up my learning I  sacrificed:

  • social life
  • clubbing
  • football games
  • and whatever…

Just to FINALLY  “figure it out”, and I did.

All of this learning happened in the last two years since November of 2011 and NOW I’m going to share with you EXACTLY how I did it.


Step one:  Time is money don’t waste it.

Some people may think that having a background in IT gives me an advantage.

The truth is my background probably hurt me more than helped me.

Because I was an “IT Expert” I was extremely hard headed and stubborn about everything as I thought I “knew it all”.  MAN, did this attitude cost me a tremendous amount of time, energy,  AND money.

This is one thing that I would definitely do differently if I could go back.

As a matter of fact that’s really the reason why I’m sharing this with you.


Just like you, I started off with NOTHING.

Even though I knew how to write programming languages and build servers I didn’t know the first thing about how to make money on the Internet.

As a matter of fact the first money I ever made online was selling something on eBay. (The rims off of my old Acura TL damn, that was a sweet car.)

Since then, I can’t tell you how many of these “make money online courses” I’ve purchased and how lousy most of them are.

I was so unimpressed with basically everything that I came across I decided to do something about it.

As I learned on my own month after month for over a year through trial and error I decided to keep notes of my most effective techniques so that I could share them later with other people as I only wished someone would have done for me.

These notes eventually grew into a full fledged eBook.

Once I had the eBook completed I went out to get some feedback on my brand new “training program”.


I contacted one of the top internet marketers around and asked him about HIC.

This man has nearly 50,000 followers on twitter and has been making a living off the internet since the 90′s.

If there is someone who has been around the block and seen it ALL it’s him.

*Check out what he had to say about HIC:

Those 4 words from an experienced professional of his caliber should tell you plenty.  Thanks Gautam I appreciate it.

Check this out.  

I searched Google one day just to see what I would find about HIC and here’s what I found:

It feels good reading a positive review even if it’s not from the biggest newspaper or blog.  It took a lot of  work and faith to finally develop a SYSTEM that actually works so hearing good feedback is awesome for me.

Here’s what one of the top bloggers had to say about HIC.  

His blog I’m Just Sharing is not only in the top 2% of all websites worldwide but it’s like your favorite bloggers favorite blog.  I’ve been following his site for months, it’s awesome that he noticed what I was doing, thanks for the review Mitch.



Here’s a sneak peak of what’s included it’s as easy as A B C:





  1. How to set up your blog or website FAST. What content to include, and what to leave out.
  2. How to publish your gift list like Oprah’s favorite things and actually get people to buy items off your list FOR you.
  3. How to monetize your blog or website to passively raise money for your favorite charity or cause while you’re online.
  4. How to choose what content and niche to focus on for the holidays and after.
  5. How to announce your new website to the world.








  1. How to talk to people you know and people you’ve never met about what you’re doing.  What to say, when to say it and where.
  2. How to promote for free online.  Example emails to send, best practices, and what to avoid.
  3. How to write reviews and recommendations that attract visitors and drive sales commissions.
  4. What you should always include in all of your Social Media updates and how to #HashTagHijack Effectively.
  5. How to build an email subscription list to grow your audience and build a lasting connection.








  1. How to convert wasted time online into passive income time.
  2. How to use celebs gossip, sports news, and other events for content ideas and promotion.
  3. How to keep the passive income going after holiday season ends:  Book Club, Movies, Music, Electronics, Disaster Prepping, Games, Entertainment Gossip, Politics, Firearms, Fashion, Sports, etc.
  4. What to do before during and after you update your website with new content.
  5. How to promote your blog on other websites for MAXIMUM results.







  1. Daily Checklists for the entire holiday season.  How to leverage the traditional practices and festivities worldwide for maximum profit.
  2. Online Support forum.  Post questions and get answers from myself and other HIC members in the VIP lounge.

+ Make more money when you refer people to join HIC as an affiliate.

+ ONLINE COACHING SESSIONS: Get access to the exclusive Google+ hangouts for HIC members.

+ Get Cheat sheets, best practices, my private advise, recommendations, and much more

Don’t worry my system doesn’t require you to try any of these fly by night “automatic” techniques that have been proven not to work. The HIC system is just simply what I know worked for me presented in an easy to understand Q & A format.  It’s what I use everyday and it’s what I will continue to use in the future.


  1. Sacrifice hanging out with your family and friends for months on end like I did researching and creating a system that actually works.
  2. Borrow money, NO you don’t need credit
  3. Travel you can do everything from your computer
  4. Take Risk.  HIC training carries a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  5. Have a Sales background or Technical experience


  1. Make Cold calls or “sell people”.
  2. Attend any seminars or meetings
  3. Beg or annoy your family and friends like MLM systems (Sorry, this isn’t AVON, Mary K, or the stupid ass Empower Network)
  4. Worry about developing a product that people actually want to buy
  5. Deal with managing inventory, shipping of products, returns, refunds, etc.


  1. A Computer
  2. An Internet connection
  3. A plan – You Get when you Join the CLUB
  4. Motivation - You already have right? please say yes.



+ Make more money when you refer people to HIC as an affiliate.

+ ONLINE COACHING SESSIONS: Get invited  to the exclusive Google+ Q&A hangouts through the holiday season.

+ Get the Cheat sheets, best practices, my private advise, recommendations, and much more

+ PICK MY BRAIN.  Ask me any question you want and get an answer fast.  This alone is worth the price of the training course.  If you are like me then you have TONS of questions and doubts that may make you feel confused or anxious.  Getting direct and frank answers to your questions will give you a sense of calm and confidence.  My goal is to PERSONALLY put you on the right path as I wished someone would have done for me when I started out.

JOIN NOW > > > > >>>>>


YOU GET All of this time sensitive premium training for the lowest price possible – and I PAY IT FORWARD.  

+I contribute 10% of HIC sales to help children in need.


Sorry, since this is ONE-ON-ONE training, I can only support a limited number of students.  This is why I have to close HIC for new member sign up periodically. Do not wait HIC fills up quickly as it did last year. 



  • Join before CYBER MONDAY ends on DECEMBER 2nd and get ONE ADDITIONAL EXCLUSIVE ONE-ON-ONE session.  Get personalized answers to your questions.
  • This isn’t just about you or me this is OUR club and our holiday free from excuses like last year.  Make a difference this time by doing something different. Something MAJOR.

When you join HIC you deal directly with me ONE-ON-ONE.


I may be crazy to offer all of this premium training for such a low price but I want to make a big difference and the truth is, YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE.  

So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s do this, click join the club now and I’ll see you on the inside.