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How to make $100 per Guest Post


The primary goal of any editor should be to improve the quality of content at an ever increasing rate.

This is my #1 goal and that’s why I’m offering $100 for your guest posts.



  1. Success Stories.  Tell me what YOU accomplished that’s important and HOW you did it.  (Especially online accomplishments, remember this is YourOnline.biz)
  2. Case Studies and social experiments.  Especially concerning conversion rates, example how did you increase your email opt in rate or social follower rate substantially.  How did you get a YouTube video to go viral?
  3. Exclusive interviews.  I’m looking for non-formal frank and candid discussions with influential individuals about important concepts related to finding success online.


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  1. The same old BLANDNESS.
    If you follow me @FreedomMMC you know I’m big on freedom of speech.   I don’t want these lame politically correct self censoring articles.  I’m not after profanity laden Andrew Dice Clay posts either I just want you to be free to make your point and really put some stank on it if you know what I mean.  Don’t send me these I’m trying to make nice with EVERYONE in the world posts.  
    Step on some toes if you have to, stomp your feet if you feel it’s needed.  Don’t tell me what you don’t like tell me what SUCKS and what’s AWESOME.  #PASSION
  2. Poorly written content.
    Writing is a skill that you have to develop.  Just because you’re not there now doesn’t mean you won’t be there soon.
    Here’s book by Tom Ewer that you should check out.  It made a big difference for me here’s my review of the book.
  3. Inexperienced authors.
    If you have never been published before chances are I’m not going to publish you either unless you send me an impressive success story or interview someone awesome.  However, after some training your articles will be shining bright like the star that wrote them. If you are serious about making money writing get the training that will reveal to you what editors are looking for in a “GOOD” article.  I recommend Jon Morrow and Carol Tice as two of the best writer trainers around.  The only problem is their training classes fill up quickly.





Click below to download the free pdf report.



101 Ways to Get Paid to Write

101 Ways to Get Paid to Write




STEP#1  Email your Article to:   GuestPost <at> YourOnline <dot> biz

STEP#2  Fill the form below to let me know you submitted your post.


I will follow up via email if approved.


NOTE:  If you do not hear back from me with in 7 days your post was not accepted, you may resubmit it to another blog.

By submitting a guest post you confirm your acceptance to the guest posting guidelines.


*Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.  

  • I reserve the right to offer a lower amount for your guest post due to a short articles less than 1000 words or required editing.
  • Also if your article is good but it doesn’t quite fit for the $100 promotion I may offer you a chance to write a PROMO column for Your Online Biz The Magazine.



9 comments on “How to make $100 per Guest Post
  1. Henry Atamle says:

    Thanks for such an incredible opportunity. most youth from places like where I come from think that they are disadvantaged especially when it comes to online work. But you have simplified it for us! I am in kampala, Uganda and I am glad to say that I am making a living online! Thanks for your advice and your opportunity. I have attached my success story! Thank you!

  2. Tigerbaba says:

    I join this site yesterday How can i post article and us this site!
    Can anyone help me!

  3. pradeep says:

    Hi, Darnell this is really great opportunity. thanks
    i will submit a guest post next week.

    pradeep recently posted…Download LinkedIn v3.4.7 apk for android SmartphoneMy Profile

  4. Suprabhat says:

    Hey Darnell,

    Thanks for sharing the ebook with us and giving us an opportunity to make $100 from a single guest post.
    I will be submitting one guest post on YourOnline soon.

    Suprabhat recently posted…Top 21 High PR Free Directory Submission List 2015My Profile

  5. Ziad Bashir says:

    I am glad to have been following you for the past few months. Your insight into publishing online has been of great help. And this opportunity is another testament to the value you provide to your followers.

    Hoping to get more out of this subscription in the future as well.


  6. HEnry says:

    Interesting place for writers to get paid; as long as they offer value! Thanks a bunch!

  7. Julie Sanders says:

    This is a golden opportunity for writers everywhere to be paid what they deserve. This a great site that is fair and easy to submit work to for good money.

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