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Recently I asked my long time subscribers a simple question, “what are you struggling with most?”  Please read the full in depth questions and answers below and WATCH THIS VIDEO:




QUESTION #1 – JHJ – Jamaica

Why do editors fail to communicate and sometimes do the strangest things? They don’t respond even to say that it is not accepted? AND The editor is now publishing some of my articles without my byline.




The same reason I didn’t get to play in the Florida Classic that’s coming up BTW, (Florida A&M vs Bethune Cookman), Just not good enough.  I was a better football player than half of the competition at my position but I didn’t get on the field why?  Because of politics, the coach didn’t like me?  NO. I obviously wasn’t that awesome of a cornerback or he would’ve had NO choice but to put me in the game.


The same point goes for your post.  The editor isn’t responding because your post is just not that enticing.

Also, he or they are “stealing” your articles because you are dealing with what I call a “non-client” and this is what they do.


Just like most of these so called “content mills”, these “non-client” clowns always find the most creative ways to make you think you will be paid for your writing but in reality they just want free articles.  That’s why I don’t recommend writing “test” articles for free, this is one of the easiest ways to get your stuff stolen.



You can improve the quality of your content and clientele by focusing on the number one feature that catches an editors eye, HEADLINES.


It’s not all art either there is a proven process that professionals use and that’s how they make more money they simply get more posts published because they know how to write awesome headlines.

Consider entering an untapped market like PR.


If you didn’t know writers can make a ton of money writing short press releases.  Do you know why?  There’s less competition so there’s more opportunities AND hirer rates. If you’re serious about learning how to do this check out Carol’s PR Bootcamp training if you hurry you also get a free month of her famous Freelance Writers Den training included.



I have a sports blog that I promote sports events and physical fitness but have not made a commission on either site. The other blog is a financial blog. I have made some money writing sponsored post, but I want to sale advertising but the traffic is low.


Your content strategy needs a makeover.  You’re not connected with your audience and you expect them to buy from you?  Why?

Worse still you haven’t given them a reason to and on top of that you’re publishing content that someone paid you to write.  If you didn’t know people hate sponsored posts, publishing this is like saying ha haaaaaa I’m using you, you stupid audience good for me bad for you.

People buy from who they like.

You still have time to make your audience love you.

If you want SALES you don’t need traffic you need potential customers.

Imagine if you’re a jewelry store, do you want more “traffic” in your store?  More random people walking around looking at your precious GEMS, or do you want more potential customers like administrators, doctors, lawyers, military officers, etc. people with the means to actually make a purchase and are likely to do so.


For your content:
Finish this sentence: A favor for a ___________.
If you scratch my back, I’ll ________________________.

You have to understand this concept before you publish any new content on your site.  Each page, post, and offer on your site should answer this question.  Does this really help my audience?

No BS what is it specifically about this post or image or video that is so helpful?  Is it something that you can’t find anywhere else like an exclusive interview?  Is it footage of somewhere in a stadium that people have never or rarely ever seen. Is it a collection of interesting observations that no one else could have possibly been thinking about except the most diehard fan (you know, like the people who actually buy tickets).  Is it a new solution to an old problem for example a success story about how a business owner uses luxury suites to attract new clients.  Is it a tear jerker like how a man reconnected with his son by going to the game?  Is it a hilarious expose on women and football like why vs WHY THE HELL NOT?
Also, remember when Jerry Seinfeld’s show ended the first thing he did was go back to stand up comedy, he said he loved the immediate response that he got from fans in a live audience.

This is what you need to do with your content on social media.

You have to be humble and accept that people will only like and share content that’s GOOD in THEIR eyes.  If Jerry’s jokes are not GOOD people won’t laugh.  If your posts are not GOOD then people will NEVER EVER re-share them or click through and BUY your stuff.

You need to invest some time getting your “act” together for lack of a better term.  This will take some time as it is a research and trial and error process.

Focus on the PROBLEMS that your potential customers are facing that YOU can solve.

Solving problems is a great way to do a favor for your audience and get attention for the RIGHT reason.

When you do favors for them they will feel as though they “owe you one” and they will at least share your content which will bring you more potential customers.

Here’s a freebie 4u.  Many people are not aware that after pro and college games it’s pretty easy to go up and get players to sign autographs.  When they do this you can be there with your camera rolling asking them a quick and easy question that you can then post on your site.  Congratulations, you just published an exclusive story AND you helped your audience at the same time.  They get to SEE one of the players up close and guess who brought them the story? YOU! (well, and I gave you the idea, Ha Haaaa!)


For your traffic:

Write Guest posts.
All the top sports radio stations have some blog that they promote.  Write articles for these sites.  You may even get paid too.  They get new content and you get new visitors who’ll know you, “as the guy that wrote that one article”.  If you plan it right who knows, your article could even get mentioned on the radio show one day.  (Another Freebie 4u: The easiest way to get a referral is to give one, want to be mentioned by a radio host? Mention them.)
Headline hijack.

When there is a huge discussion going on like the bullying “scandal” with the Miami Dolphins “REPLY” to popular headlines and share your unique EYE CATCHING take in an article on social media.  This can engage people and help move the discussion back to your site. I would also recommend enabling FACEBOOK or GOOGLE+ comments on your blog so that it’s even easier for “REAL” people to weigh in on the discussion.  This genuine activity will then attract traffic from search engines and other blogs.  VIDEO RANTS WORK ALSO.  Remember to embed the content in YOUR site and then SHARE the page or post on social media.

Sponsor Contests
Yes the traffic that comes from contests can be fleeting as at first people will only come for the chance to win a free ticket but if you set it up using a system like PunchTab then you can also attract potential customers as they have to share your offer in order to join the contest.

Advertise your best offer
Facebook ads and Google pay per click ads work excellently well for traffic but again you have to be careful because you don’t need traffic you need potential customers.  Pay per click can leave your bank account looking sick if you don’t watch it (ha haaaaa! I made a rhyme).

You need to develop an advertising arbitrage or what I call an adV-arB. This is when you make more money from the sales your ad generates than whatever the ad cost you.

It will take some time and money to figure this out but once you find a breakeven point it will be easy for you to scale it up from there.

Write press releases.
Many people are not aware that businesses use press releases to get traffic from newspapers and other media outlets.  Join Carol’s PR Bootcamp training.  If you hurry you also get a free month of her famous Freelance Writers Den training included.

This formal training will help you learn how to promote your site with press releases as well as how to write eye catching headlines and articles that people will want to read and share.




I’ve been making money online since 2006, but I’m not making enough. What boggles my mind is how to get the big money from clients. Low-hanging fruit is easy. It’s getting the bigger clients who pay real money. The next thing is how to sell a product. I create e-books and other stuff and only see minimal sales. How to parlay my knowledge and experience into real money is the boggle.


Re finding clients:
You’re looking for love in all the wrong places as the classic song goes.  You’re fishing for TUNA in a small stream where no TUNA live hoping one day a huge tuna fish will miraculously show up and bite your hook.

Re selling products:
[Baseball analogy] Your trying to make it to home base (make a sale) and you haven’t even gotten to second yet.

[Golf analogy] You’re “putting from the rough” as they say.  Your golf ball isn’t on the green yet, as a matter of fact it’s not even on the fairway, but you have your putter in your hand.

[Dating analogy] You’re asking the cutie you see at the grocery store for her phone number and you haven’t even introduced yourself.


You are conscious that you have some improving to do.  Most people think they know it all and are in denial, for them there is no hope.

Knowing that you are lacking in approach and preparation will help you strengthen yourself where you are weak.

Once you make these needed adjustments you will feel a renewed confidence because it will be clear to you WHY you will NOT fail, this time.


Accept that you have to be successful to be successful.

The trip to the top is more like a giant staircase than an elevator.

Based on your question you have already climbed several steps which is very impressive.

Now you need to recognize and leverage the successes that you have already accomplished in the years since you have been a pro and start sharing these valuable stories with the blogs and websites that pay.

These success stories are very popular for a reason, everyone can relate to them.

Example, how I made my first $5000 online. This catches people’s attention instantly.

If you’re really after the big fish I would recommend you test another online writing opportunity like PR.  There is a huge demand for Public Relations content as few “freelance writers” have tapped into this fertile market.

The dirty little secret about the best writers is they don’t just rely on their talent, they are always refining and updating their techniques and tactics through ongoing training.

If you can’t afford to NOT know what the pro’s who catch the big fish know then I strongly recommend you join Carol’s PR Bootcamp training.  If you hurry you also get a free month of her famous Freelance Writers Den training included.




Growing my audience with Freelance writing.



There is no bad news in this case.


You question shows you are on the right path.


Use the ultimate strategy.

First get yourself prepared.
Make sure your writer website or blog looks professional so that people will recognize you as a serious writer with valuable ideas in one glance.

Second write and submit posts to blogs for money.
Find the top paying blogs in your niche, you can use my 101 ways to get paid to write ebook to find a ton of them.

Third send these top sites your articles.
If they publish your posts, cool you get paid.

If they do NOT publish your post get promotion.
Send your rejected post to a popular blog as a free guest post.  This will help build relationships as your article helps the other blogger who should be impresses since you were originally trying to make money from the article so it should be pretty good.

If you’re serious and you want to accelerate this process get formal training. join Carol’s PR Bootcamp training.  If you hurry you also get a free month of her famous Freelance Writers Den training included.




Can you please send me a copy of your submission guidelines? Thank you.


Evidently you think that it’s someone else’s job to help you make money. You have already received the information that you are requesting but you didn’t safe guard it or have a system in place so that you can recall it.  You have made a poor impression and now what? I’m supposed to do work for you pro bono and send you ANOTHER email like I’m your assistant or something?


I’m here to help you.

NOT CLOWN YOU, I mean REALLY help you.
You know like a good friend who tells you the truth even though you may not want to hear it.  You need to tighten up RM.

You look sloppy asking me to resend you the same information that you KNOW you have already been given.  What if this was an assignment from a top magazine like TIME would you have lost it too?  Then what, asked the TIME editor to resend it?


You can still get your act together and stop making bad impressions with other websites and editors.  The sooner you realize the mistake you’re making the sooner you can correct it.

I didn’t know better when I was starting off and ended up getting flagged as a spammer on a few sites that I wish I could go back to now and start over from scratch.

I didn’t know better, I was just trying to promote by blog pasting links.

The problem is you can’t go back, you just can’t.  People always remember how they remember you.

However, you can still move forward if you’re willing to learn from it.


Get some training, seriously.  You need to spend some time with people who do what you want to learn how to do for a living.

Writing is a trip, it’s almost like trucking.

When I learned how to drive a semi I started off thinking, “how hard could it be to get a CDL”.  It turned out it was probably the hardest thing that I have ever tried to do.  So now you want to learn how to do what very few people on earth know how to do which is make a full time living from writing articles?

If you have time to burn continue on with trial and error.  Keep sending editors questions like, “send me your guidelines, thanks” and see what happens.

However, if you’re tired of NOT making it then I strongly recommend you get training so you’ll know what the pro’s know.  Join Carol’s PR Bootcamp training.  If you hurry you also get a free month of her famous Freelance Writers Den training included.

This would be perfect for you so that you can start 2014 off with a better energy and some real momentum.  It’s nearly impossible to benefit from what you don’t know.  You might get lucky but luck doesn’t pay the bills every month.  Professionals rely on training and skill when it matters most.




What’s the difference between just writing articles on a website I create and using a blog platform? I don’t like the way a lot of blogs are organized in “archives” more as a newsfeed, but I want to organize them more in categories that can be easy found and more appealing to my readers.


There is no bad news this is actually a good question.  However, please don’t spend too much time trying to tweak your website to extreme perfection, it’s really not that important, it’s just not.

You can still keep it simple.  The most complex design is a simple one.  The less links you have the better.  The less items on your menu the better.  You have a new blog so there shouldn’t be very much to link to anyway.

Definitely use wordpress for your site.  Sure you can build a static html website but now you have to manually edit code to make changes, nobody does that anymore.  That’s like sending a chain letter.

Using wordpress you can set up your blog to look exactly like you want.  However, again please don’t obsess over customizations.  Paying a programmer is a HUGE mistake at this point.  That money would be better spent in other areas like promoting your blog once you have it filled with some content, preferably excellent writing samples.

Get a premium MOBILE or RESPONSIVE theme I recommend Mojo themes because they WORK and they look really good for the price.


Join Carol’s PR Bootcamp training.  If you hurry you also get a free month of her famous Freelance Writers Den training included.

In this multi-week interactive training bootcamp you will learn how to set up your website to attract clients.  The questions you have are answered specifically in this training like what should I put in my header or sidebar, etc it’s all there.

In order to get what you don’t have you must do what you haven’t done and in this case that starts with training.



QUESTION #7 – AJ – America

What troubles me most is finding freelance writing clients and Setting up my blog. I’m currently working on my personal blog and I’m struggling to get clients. If you have any clients referrals I will highly appreciate.


You are asking for clients but you’re clearly NOT ready to receive them, yet.

If I referred a client to you what do you think would happen when they see your “not ready” website?

This will, instead of making you some money make a bad impression and leave you feeling even worse about your chances as a freelance writer.


You’re the first to admit that you are struggling.  This puts you on the path to actually finding success because everyone who earns a steady living writing has struggled at some point.

However, only the real pros struggle and STRIVE by reaching out to others so you are moving in the right direction.


Get formal training.

It’s late in the year, old man 2013 is getting long in the tooth and things will start slowing down even more in the coming weeks.  You’ll notice blogs will post articles less as people begin to get missing for the holidays.  This is a great time to network increase your “KNOWLEDGE” in formal training so that you can hit 2014 like a wild tornado.

Join Carol’s PR Bootcamp training.  If you hurry you also get a free month of her famous Freelance Writers Den training included.

This will be a great deal for you because you get two for one.  In her freelance writers den training you will learn how to set up your personal site so that it will help you attract and land more paying clients and gigs.  This is THE training that you should attend if you’re serious, or you risk staying about where you are today by this time next year, it’s your decision.





As I receive additional questions I will answer them below.



The big problem for me is time – trying to fit my online work with family/home commitments.  



You’re looking at it wrong.  Your approach is misplaced AND you are focusing on the negative.


You can still turn your frown upside down.



HG, I used to have this quote on my resume when I graduated college and I was looking for internships,

“You are what you repeatedly do, excellence therefore is a journey not a destination.”

I’m paraphrasing from memory but this is a quote by Aristotle if I can remember anyway the point that I’ll never forget is that YOU are what you DO.

So, therefore it’s ALL on you to do what it takes to get what you want, PERIOD.

This especially applies to starting a new career or business.

Anyway, in order to answer your question consider this:

The seven best ways to find more time to run your online business:

    I use the word kill specifically to indicate the indignant hatred that you must develop for this “idiot box” that is ruining your life.  The more you watch it the more you will accomplish NOTHING in your online business.  Cancel Cable or Satellite if you can save money and invest that into buying your first domain if you don’t have one.  It will take you some time to get into the earnings column the sooner you start the sooner you’ll get there.
  2. F.O.C.U.S.  Forever Overcome Conflict Under Stress.
    Stop thinking that you are going to “have time” to blog when things “settle down”.  Noooooo it doesn’t work that way at all.  Instead smile about how you are blogging through all the chaos that’s going on in your life.  If you’re taking it right then it will start to become amusing to you actually.  Also, you have to be a gluten for punishment on some level as you will not be earning money when you get started but you will be investing a LOT of time.  So, focus on making steps and STRIDES in the right direction.  If you don’t know which way to go and you are feeling anxious GET TRAINING.  This will calm your mind as at least you will know what to do.
    Don’t have a lot of time to blog?  Good.  Now you can’t waste hours messing around with your font color style layout header whatever that doesn’t matter.  You’ll be shocked how much time people waste wanting every little thing on their site to be perfectly perfect when it DOESN’T MATTER.  Instead focus on important accomplishments like building your blog, getting your social media profiles setup, getting your first guest post published, etc.  Don’t think in terms of TIME think in terms of ACCOMPLISHMENT.
    No matter what write 1000 words every day.  The more you write the easier it gets and the faster you will become at producing higher quality articles which will save you TIME. You don’t have to publish an article everyday but WRITE 1000 words every single day no matter what.  Seriously, if you want to learn how to write the articles that attract money like bees to honey GET TRAINING.
    You are the only person in the world with the unique combination of experiences and relationships that you have in your life.  It’s time to use them to your advantage.  Who do you know that you can interview that would generate an interesting story?  A pilot, a CEO, a doctor, etc.  These are awesome “gets” if you will for a freelance writer to create an interesting story for the right publication.  For example I recently realized that a family member on my wife’s side was the first black diver in the US navy.  I’m in the process of writing up an article for a magazine about this story.  Do you have someone in your family that worked for BIG A INDUSTRY for 30 years and now wants to share an exclusive on what it’s like working in the BIG A INDUSTRY.  Focusing on family/friends/personal connection is much faster and easier than approaching someone you don’t know.  This will save you TIME.
    So your family life is making it hard to blog?  Consider blogging about family life.  There is a huge niche there where people share all types of tips about living.  I still recommend having a separate blog just for your freelance writing but you could become known as a life blogger on the day to day basis sharing fun stories and inspiring advice about life.  This will save you time as you won’t have to come up with ideas to write about as your life is the source of the content.
    “I don’t wanna”
    Deep inside of everyone there exists a lazy bastard and all he ever says whenever you try to do anything is, “I don’t wanna”.  Why?   Well, it’s fear really, which is mostly driven by confusion, you don’t know what to do so it makes the most sense to do NOTHING.Nothing pleases the lazy bastard like doing NOTHING, well watching TV or aimlessly spacing out on the internet makes him happy too.You gotta get rid of that dude ASAP.  Stop waiting until tomorrow to do what you KNOW you can accomplish today.  So what it’s after diner, “itis” is kicking in and NORMALLY you don’t write this late.  Get off your hump and hit the keys.  Get into the habit of becoming what you want to be.  Improve yourself by “tightening up” as they say where I’m from.  Stop “mailing it in” with the “manana” attitude as it’s called, if it’s important make a commitment to deliver it IN person.  In order to show out remember you have to SHOW UP first.  This is what the lazy bastard hates so get rid of him, it’s all about you and your goals in life.  

With that said HG, I strongly recommend that you join Carol’s PR Bootcamp training.  If you hurry you also get a free month of her famous Freelance Writers Den training included.

I can definitely see where this timely bootcamp will help you tremendously as 2014 approaches.

A new year is a great time to start fresh with a new attitude and a new strategy that will deliver new results.








#9 – NK – INDIA

I have never heard an Indian FROM India making such humongous amounts from online gigs.

Such non-existence makes me wonder whether my dream of being like Carol Tice will just remain a dream or what.

Do you know about Indian writers who ave made it big in the online writing world?

The second that’s boggling me is whether my website is appealing enough. 



You are way too pessimistic.



You still have time to change your attitude.



#1 – Stop focusing on what you DON’T have and instead focus on what you do have.  

“Count your blessings AND use what you got to get what you want”

Perfect example is SID, here’s a young INDIAN college kid who grew a blog to earning $1000/per month using a cell phone.   When he didn’t have access to a laptop to set up a blog did he complain?  Nooooooo, he got busy using what he DID have.

Now, would you rather have to find new clients each month to earn $1000 or know that you have built a blog that generates this type of income each month?


#2 – If you want to be the best learn from the best.

If you are serious about wanting to learn how to make money writing like Carol Tice then I strongly recommend you attend her PR bootcamp.  Not only will you learn directly from her in this multiple week training but you’ll also get one month free to her very popular Freelance writers Den.  If you want to be the best, LEARN FROM THE BEST.

This training also will answer your questions about how to set up your writers blog to attract clients which will help you earn more money as a freelancer.

The bad news is I also don’t know of any Indian writer who earns like Carol Tice.

The good news is it might as well be you AND I’m glad we met. 

Good luck.




#10 – SE – USA

How do I get the good jobs?

How do I make sure the people offering those jobs reply to my emails?



You’re on the road driving but you don’t know where you’re going.

You could be going the wrong way or moving in the right direction but, you don’t know.

You would do much better if you had a GPS. 


You’re smart enough to know when to ask for help.

You’re not interested in driving around in circles for ANOTHER two hours, instead you’re stopping at the gas station and asking for directions.

Ironically enough, this is the best way to get to your destination. It’s funny how many people skip this step. 




Continue to follow your instinct but FOLLOW ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

You’re already on the right path to obtaining the knowledge that you want that’s clear because you replied to my email.

You’re obviously someone who is willing to do what it takes because you have already set up your blog and published several quality posts.

The problem you have NOW is, WHAT NEXT?  How do I get to the money from here?

Well, when it comes to making money online or offline for that matter; one thing you need to know is NO ONE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO GET PAID for free. (Not unless they’re your family member or a really close friend and even then you have to “owe” them one or do some favor or something.)

When it comes to money you have to understand.

The game is to be sold.

It is what it is.

Quid pro quo.

Insert your favorite line here ____________.


Think about it like this. 

If you were lost and you stopped at a gas station the cashier would give you directions for FREE, that’s one level of advice.

If you wanted HIGHER QUALITY ADVICE the cashier will sell you a MAP, that’s a HIGHER level of advice.

If you demand EVEN HIGHER QUALITY ADVICE the cashier will sell you a GPS, that’s the HIGHEST level of advice.

Notice how the price increases with the QUALITY of advice.

Someone smart once said,

Funny thing about advice, the good is rarely cheap and the cheap is rarely good.

With that said,

In response to your question, “How do I make sure the people offering those jobs reply to my emails?”


I assume you mean “GIGS”, when you say “JOBS”.

In my view, freelancers have to remain independent and “getting hired” as a full time writer in my view is not a great idea ask the newspaper writers and they’ll tell you that layoffs are NOT a conspiracy theory.

Instead, I recommend freelancers learn how to fish” instead of depending on an employer for daily meat.

You’ll never have a more valuable possession than the ability to FIND you’re own clients and MAKE your own money, err bait you’re own hooks and catch you’re own fish.

It’s about independence, like not needing your parents allowance anymore or something.


The best way to get the attention of editors in order to get HIGHER paying gigs is to publish exclusive interviews or the results of compelling case studies, experiments, or surveys.  They love this stuff and they will pay for it. 

If you did an interview with someone influential and relevant to a particular audience it would for sure catch the eye of the editor.

Also, if you conducted an exclusive survey of hundreds of people and analyzed the results this would create compelling content that very few editors could resist.

It’s all about the STORY and it starts with the headline.

You have to learn how to write SERIOUSLY awesome headlines.

You may be asking, well, how do I go about doing that?

How can I write a pitch that editors will seriously consider?

How should I structure the email?

What makes a headline “awesome”?

How can I NOT come off like I’m desperate in my pitch?

The best answer is to get training.

There’s a reason why so many graduates of Carol’s Freelance Writer’s Den training go on to make really good money the cool thing is for a limited time you can test drive her most popular training for free when you join her PR training boot camp. 

Here’s the thing, if you keep driving around eventually you’ll either arrive at your destination or run out of gas.

If you “aint got time fo dat” when it comes to getting lost then I recommend getting a GPS.

If you want professional results use professional tools and in freelance writing that starts with training so FOLLOW ALL THE WAY THROUGH and get the A1 training you need so you can make A1 money.





#11 – NL – USA

I am just boggled down on what marketing tasks I should do on a daily basis








#12 – A – KENYA

How to grow my audience is my specific problem



In order to grow your audience you need to focus on ongoing analysis of your analytics (now, say that 5 times fast):




#13 – CC – USA

Currently, I’m writing my first ebook. I’m in the process of learning about the different formats to upload it. I am a little confused about epubs and where to go to create an ebook in this format. Any suggestions?



Read this review on basically THE book on self publishing:  APE Review – 20 reasons why you should read the new book by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch



#14 - CM – USA

How to grow my email  list.





#15 – SW – USA

Dear Darnell,
I AM confounded. I want to get paid a decent amount of money for the writing I do. I keep ending up on these sites that pay $5.00 for 500 words.


Make sure you check out the 101 ways to get paid to write ebook as a subscriber you already have access to this for free here’s a link to the download page [CLICK HERE]

Also check out this very inspiring article by Johnathon John: Success Story: From $1 to $250 per article in 5 Months



#16 – DN

“My concern is freelance writing. (A) Who wants stories for a novel?
Thank you.”



Getting a book published can be a very tricky process.  I use unique strategy and it landed me a book deal.

Here’s a link to the strategy I use: How to Get Paid to Write and Publish Your own Book.

Here’s a link to a book I was paid to write using this strategy: Attorneys Guide to Google Local and Google Plus



 #17 – CC – USA

“How can I get paid writing fiction?”



Honestly I have never been paid to write fiction however I know some people who have.

Contact John Garrett and Stacy Claflin based on the style that you plan to write and ask them for some help. Tell them I sent you and I’m sure they’ll help you get off to a good start.

However, when it comes to simply getting published check out the articles below:



#18 – SR

“Just saw your email, and it would have to be growing my audience and getting traffic… “



In order to grow your audience you need to focus on ongoing analysis of your analytics (now, say that 5 times fast):

In order to really increase traffic you need to think outside of the box:


#19 – NM

“I don’t think I’m badly off as a writer as well but I’m really sick and tired of not being able to handle writing jobs that pay better.

The most I have been paid for a 500 word article is $5. I have therefore started a blog to stalk it with

articles on Digital marketing tricks and also update any news in that category. And possibly make some cash from adverts.

My biggest obstacle to succeeding in freelance writing is my ESL tag.

ESL writers must work extra hard to make it big in writing.

Any guidance will be of great help.

Thank you,



#1 – Please read this article where I talk about the value that you have being that you can speak two languages:  The NEW KNEW strategy for Freelance Writers starting with NOTHING

#2 - Make sure you check out the 101 ways to get paid to write ebook as a subscriber you already have access to this for free here’s a link to the download page [CLICK HERE]

#3 – Also check out this very inspiring article by Johnathon John: Success Story: From $1 to $250 per article in 5 Months



#20 – EA – USA

“How get Adsense Approval for my blog and to get traffic to my page.”


Obtaining “approval” to publish adsense ads on your blog is very straight forward.  Unless you’re doing something that violates their terms and conditions there really isn’t a reason that Google will not approve your adsense account.  Just go to adsense.google.com and create an account.  Once you do then you’ll able to embed ads into your blog pages and posts. Check out Lisa Irby’s coverage of this very important topic she is basically the best in the business at building a long term adsense monetized businesses. Don’t miss my interview with her also.

Obtaining traffic for your blog requires you to think outside of the box in order to be effective don’t miss this series:



#21 – Brenda – USA

You asked for it, my friend!

I know I’m a good writer.

I have three issues that I think are holding me back:

1. Crafting a compelling call to action. How do I move people to hire me?

2. Writing faster without compromising quality. Right now it takes me a long time to write the blogs that I do.

3. As a sub-point of writing faster is how to plan my writing. I write my own blog ; I write blog posts for a client , and I edit (and sometimes write) the blog for my husband’s site. I KNOW about editorial calendars, but I’m not sure how to make the process work for me.

Darnell, I have all the tools I need and I have all the talent necessary. What’s keeping me from earning the money???




#1 – As a writer you need a site to show off your your writing skills EXCLUSIVELY.

If you also blog about whatever on the site then your services could get lost in all the links and “stuff” that you have going on.  You’ll notice most of the writers have their own “myname.com” domain name that they point their clients to in their pitches.  This is an extremely effective tactic.

[I REALIZE YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS STEP FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT]  If I were you I would register a domain in my name and upload a simple theme that just shows off my specialties and contact clients with my email address.   You don’t even need a contact form to be honest people will email you if they are interested in hiring you.

The best way to impress a client is to show off the RECENT EXAMPLES of what you can do make sure you read the following for tips on the TYPES of articles you need to be writing to really make an impression that WINS projects:  The NEW KNEW strategy for Freelance Writers starting with NOTHING



#2 – Writing speed.  

It is determined by your genuine interest in the topic that you are writing.  If I asked you to write about how awesome your weekend vacation was you would have no problem generating 2000 words in only a few hours.  However, if I asked to you cover the annual mayonnaise convention you may have a hard time getting to 300 words.

With that said there are a few techniques that you can use to increase productivity:

  1. Use conversational tone.   Write from the voice of someone that you’re just holding a conversation with on a long flight or something.  Think about what you would say to make the short trip more enjoyable for YOU and THEM.  What would you say to a stranger to strike up an interesting and ENGAGING conversation on this topic? 
  2. Take a strong stance.  Even if it’s controversial.  Look up some idea that’s being debated in the particular topic and take a strong stance on one side or another or create a NEW idea or point of view.  When you do this you will have much more excitement in your writing which will lead to your article being BETTER and completed that much faster.
  3. Break articles up in sections.  If you break up your article into 5 even sections it will be much easier to finish a 1000 word article.  INTRO, POINT1, POINT2, POINT3, CONCLUSION.
  4. Research.  Take the keyword that you are writing about and search:  All the social media sites, news sites, youtube movies, wikipedia, amazon products, craigslist, etc.  You want to build a perspective on the topic so that you can understand how people view whatever it is that you’re covering in your article.  Also search university studies, industry reports, and surveys.


#3 – Article Planning.

Personally, I don’t get into sophisticated management systems when it comes to writing because it just wastes time for me and ads more “stuff” to do outside of writing which increases lameness and kills creativity generating weak ass articles.

Here’s what I do:

  • For clients:  Write articles by the month.
    If a client needs two articles per week then I create 8 article ideas at time and send them for approval.  If they like them then I write the articles AND send them 8 more ideas for the next month.  This keeps you ahead as a writer.  If they don’t like one or two of the article ideas then I just updated them based on the feedback that they provide and resend them new ideas.  In the meanwhile I never run our of articles to write.
  • For your blog: Serve your audience.


With that said I strongly recommend you attend Carol’s Freelance Writer’s Den.

I can tell that you’re really close; a little more structure and clarity will make a HUGE difference and a community where others come together to help out will not only inspire you but give you much more confidence which will make a huge difference in your results.

Most writers struggle because they don’t KNOW what to do TRAINING removes this obstacle and allows you to really hit the ground running.

If you have a year or so to figure it out then go ahead but if you’re ready to really get going PLEASE do yourself a favor and get trained by a real pro.