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You Need a Website

If you are serious about making it online and breaking through to the next level you need a great website.  There are several benefits to owning your own piece of the internet.  Here’s the top 3:

1. A website is property you own.  Very similar to land in that its value increases based on how you develop and use it.

For years people went to book stores to buy all their books then Jeff Bezos’ launched his website Amazon.com, the rest is history.

2. A website is completely under your control.  You are in full control of your website.  The only limit is truly your imagination.  The look, design, and functionality is in your control.

3. Profit.  Ownership has privileges.  You earn money when you own your website.  Having lots of followers on Twitter or fans on facebook only help the owners of those two websites.  You benefit the most from what you own.  ex: your business, your ideas, your products, etc.

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